Feature Friday: Leonardo Skincare

From our Sales Team:

Leonado Skincare had been searching for a box supplier that could provide them with blank boxes that could be branded with their various product labels. Our large selection of boxes allowed them to find exactly what they were looking for. They were able to find eco friendly kraft boxes that really elevate their packaging and presents their products in a stylish & handsome way.

Leonardo Skincare Packaging

About Leonardo Skincare:

Leonardo Skincare is based in clean and green New Zealand, home to the most spectacular physical attractions like rainforests, unpolluted beaches and a stunning countryside. And we believe that science and nature complement each other: it’s science AND nature, not science or nature.

Our products are made to the standard of the European Union, arguably the strictest cosmetic regulatory standard worldwide. All our products undergo scientific testing in independent laboratories.

  • Our products are not tested on animals.
  • Our products are Paraben free.
  • Our products are manufactured under certified GMP standard.

Leonardo Skincare


About their Branding:

The brand Leonardo is all about Renaissance genius Leonardo da Vinci. Da Vinci’s work as a botanist is not what he is famous for, and yet it represents one of his most extensive fields of study. He filled myriad notebooks with sketches and detailed illustrations of flowers, plants, crops and berries.

LEONARDO skincare uses a fine selection of some of the plants which Leonardo da Vinci passionately studied so many years ago.

But there is something else about Leonardo da Vinci. He saw the dangers of what we would refer to these days as ‘the ego’: ‘The greatest deception men suffer is from their own opinions’ is a famous quote that illustrates his insight into human nature.

We have translated his warning into the tagline ‘face your face’. ‘face your face’ is Leonardo Skincare’s reminder and encouragement to live meaningful lives. We believe that life is about growing as an individual,understanding the world around us and honesty, first and foremost with ourselves.

Leonardo Skincare

How did you find out about CustomKraftBox.com?

We were looking for a supplier of Kraft Boxes and found CustomKraftBox.com online.

What did you like most about using CustomKraftBox.com?

Being a small start-up company, we prefer to work with suppliers who understand the needs and constraints that small companies face. You can tell from Customkraftbox.com’s website that their whole business has been build around their clients’ needs, clients just like us. Custom Kraft Box offers so much flexibility in terms of MOQ, box seizes and option to configure the boxes.

Apart form that we like the very friendly, customer oriented style.

Leonardo Skincare

To learn more about Leonardo Skincare, visit their website or Facebook page.

To learn more about kraft boxes, visit our site CustomKraftBox.com.