Let’s Get Krafty with Natural Backgrounds!

The use of kraft boxes in retail packaging is very popular right now. The eco-friendly, natural look of kraft paper creates a feel all on it’s own.  Most kraft paper is made from 99% post consumer recycled material making it not only visually appealing but easy on the environment. The natural look and feel of kraft paper  changes the overall look and feel of a simple print design.

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Basic Natural Kraft Paperboard Boxes
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Custom Printed Natural Kraft Paperboard Box


Kraft paper is great and a lot of people have been very successful using it for their packaging but kraft paper can have it’s limitations.
Limitations of Kraft Paper:
  • It is often hart to get the color to pop on kraft paper because of the light brown base and the course feel .
  • Sometimes the kraft paper is not thick enough for the product
  • A heavier coating might needed for their specific product that cannot be applied to kraft paper
  • There are a limited amount of kraft paper looks or offerings

Let’s Get Krafty!

There are multiple ways to achieve the natural look of a natural product through the use of print.  By utalizing a natural pattern in the background of your design, you can achieve multiple things, such as:
  • Vibrant colors in your logo and design
  • Wood background
  • Cork background
  • Fabric background (such as linen, burlap, or denim)
  • Shaded or varied colors of kraft paper
  • Heavier (18pt) paperboard
  • …the design possibilities are endless with digital print!
Custom Printed Natural Backgrounds
Soap Bar Box Packaging
Custom Printed Natural Background – Woven Fabric
Custom Cutouts on Soap & Candle Boxes from YourBoxSolution.com
Custom Printed Natural Backgrounds – Natural Kraft
Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 3.53.31 PM
Custom Printed Natural Background – Wood
Soap Bar Box Packaging
Custom Printed Natural Backgrounds – Natural Kraft


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