Where do we fit in?


Your Box Solution is a short-run folding carton manufacture. With advancements in digital print technology, new breaks have surfaced in the short-run folding carton market. These digital machines that were once only utilized for digital label printing can now handle heavier and larger paperboard making them ideal for short-run print jobs.

How can we add value to your company?
  • Less Storage: With lower quantity orders, we help limit the amount of space that is required to house your large packaging orders. With short-run capabilities, companies can order what they need when they need them.
  •  More Variations: High volume online marketplaces, such as Amazon, require each version to have it’s own barcode. With short-run printing, you can easily personalize each item you are selling. Digital short-run printing is ideal for variations scents, colors, types, etc.
  •  Holiday and Seasonal Packaging: With low minimums, you can continue to create high quality folding cartons that are geared to a specific holiday, cause, or targeted audience. Short-run digital printing allows you to create specialized packaging without overcommitting your budget.

With digital short-run printing, obtaining high-quality packaging has never been easier and this affordable. Let Your Box Solution help you target your audiences, limit your waste, and strategically invest in your brand. Contact us today for free samples or to speak to a representative!

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