The Benefits of a Niche Market

First, what is a niche market?

Niche Marketing: Offering a product or service that is specifically tailored to a selected market.

Soap Bar Box with Cutout

Soap Bar Boxes for Niche Markets


Offering products that are for a niche market can greatly influence your sales by providing higher margins and more cost-effective marketing. Targeting your merchandise to a specific market can help limit your competition.  Let’s say you make soap for a living. There are thousands of soap manufactures out there. What makes you different? What sets your soap apart from others? Do you make soap that helps heal ailments such as eczema? Is your soap specifically designed for animals? Children? Women? Men? There are multiple avenues that a soap maker can take. Picking one and creating your own niche market can help your business grow at a face rate.

Soap Bar Box with Cutout

Flea Soap Bar for Dogs


Soap Bar Box

Men’s Soap Bars

For this instance, let’s say your soap is made specifically for children’s sensitive skin. You can direct your sales and marketing at parents and caretakers. Your soap could be sold in children’s clothing stores, children’s salons, at a farmer’s market near the children’s play are. The list goes on but all of the marketing is targeted in one narrow direction, towards your niche market.


Soap Bar for Kids

Soap Bar for Kids

Packaging is the first thing your consumer will see. How will you tell your niche market your story? How will you make sure they grab your product? Make sure that your packaging includes all of the information that the consumer needs to know when searching for that niche item.

Soap Bar Box with Cutout

Soap Boxes for Niche Markets


3 Rules for Niche Marketing

from (read the full article here):

1)   Meet their unique needs– What can you provide that is new and compelling?

2)   Say the right thing– Know that specific market and speak their “language”!

3)   Always test-market – What other competition is out there?


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