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YourBoxSolution Favorites from 2015

Some of our Favorites from 2015!

Check out a list of some of our favorite packaging items that we have done in 2015! This has been a record breaking year for YourBoxSolution and Companies. We continue to expand and update our production line and machines to stay at the peak of technology. This has allowed us to better serve the growing packaging market. We can’t thank…

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Holiday Hours YourBoxSolution

Happy Holidays!

What a remarkable year it has been. Thank you to all of our valuable customers, old and new! We wish you all a very wonderful holiday season!  We will be closed on December 25th and January 1st. Have a safe and wonderful holiday! -Your friends at YourBoxSolution and Companies

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Spot Gloss Coating

How Spot Gloss Coating can Enhance Your Packaging  Spot Gloss coating is a post-print technique in which gloss coating is applied using heat and pressure to a designated area of your box. It makes that area “pop off” the paperboard with a glossy finish in direct contrast with the rest of the paperboard, color and graphics. You can see and feel the difference…

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250 Piece Minimum

Low Minimums One of the biggest things that sets us apart from the rest of the box manufactures is our low minimum quantity order. At and companies, our minimums start at just 250 pieces. Some print and packaging manufacturers have minimums as low as 1 but their cost is outrageous. At 250 pieces, we are able to produce high…

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How do Consumers “See” Your Logo?

Logos play a key role in your brand.  How a person interprets your logo and brand can help or hurt their decision to purchase your products.  Have you ever given any thought to how your logo might impact a buyer? How to they feel when they see your logo? What do they associate it with? This infographic from titled…

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Some of our Favorites from 2014!

What an amazing year it has been here at and companies! Our business has continued to grow and expand this year with the purchase of new machines, new departments, and an increased presence on social media (where we can show off the amazing work we are fortunate to do). Thank you to all of our customers. Without you, our work…

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Sustainable Packaging from

Sustainable Packaging cares about the environment. We take multiple steps to ensure our packaging is sustainable.  -Our white paperboard is 50% recycled – 30% of which is post consumer waste -Our kraft paperboard is 100% recycled content -We use eco-friendly organic inks -All waste paperboard in our production plant is recycled back to the paper mill and used in future production runs of…

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The Benefits of Digital Printing

At, we use the most current  and  highest quality digital printers on the market. Instead of listing all the benefits of digital printers, we’ll let this infographic explain them to you. Contact us today and see firsthand the benefits of digital printing from and Companies. . . .  

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4/4 Printing on Folding Cartons

One of the many offerings that YourBoxSolution has is the ability to print on both sides of the box (also known as duplex printing or 4/4 printing) How can printing on both sides of the carton enhance your packaging? Add additional information such as instructions or the story of the company Enhance the senses of the consumer – add color,…

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Custom Box Lids

Regulating Inventory

How can  short-run custom cartons save you money? Simple answer: by regulating your packaging inventory. Short-run custom cartons can give you the ability to: test out products on the market without large packaging costs conduct market research with multiple versions of packaging (A/B testing) reduce your need for excess storage costs improve your margins by simply removing unnecessary packaging costs…

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Custom Box

Custom Folding Cartons

Custom Folding Cartons: Commonly Used Industry Terms What is a Custom Folding Carton? The term “folding carton” may sound new to you but the term has been used since the late 19th century . The term “folding carton” refers to a carton that is made of paperboard. Paperboard is often printed and laminated then sent through machines that cut, glue,…

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