Feature Friday: Blue Sage Soap

About Blue Sage Soap and Terra Novus International Trading: Founded in 2011 by a team of MIT and Cornell Graduates, Terra Novus International Trading, C.C. seeks to bring holistic and scientific remedies from the old world into the modern one. Using historical knowledge and practice, we at Terra Novus believe that those who remember history […]

Feature Friday: Cannonborough Beverage Company

About Cannonborough Beverage Company: Cannonborough Beverage Company started in Charleston, SC in 2012. The three of us were working in restaurants in the city and noticed that there was tons of outstanding beer, wine, and cocktails, but nothing delicious and handcrafted for non-drinkers. Soda seemed like a natural fit, being one of America’s most unique […]

Feature Friday: TOPS Malibu

TOPS Malibu Custom Boxes from YourBoxSolution.com

About TOPS Malibu: TOPS Malibu was created by Judy Walker. TOPS Malibu has been in business for over 30 years bringing fun surprise to our customers through Fun Gift and Party Surprises! We manufacture most all product in Oregon. The artisans make the product in their homes or at our warehouse and we are always […]

Feature Friday: Vivoderm Natural Skincare

About Vivoderm Natural Skincare: The Vivoderm Natural Skincare line was created over forty years ago by a holistic dermatologist, Dr. Hedayat Adhami. Vivoderm is a family owned and operated business that focuses on natural skin care remedies and supporting sustainable living practices. In 2009, Vivoderm Labs, Inc was created as a legacy by Dr. Adhami’s […]

Feature Friday: Sage Stone Botanicals

labels for Sage Stone Botanicals

About Sage Stone Botanicals: Sage Stone Botanicals is an organic and all natural body care company. We are based out of Eugene Oregon and have been in business for 7 years. Our founder, Alyson Florendo, created all of our blends and is responsible for all production. Our new member, Lynn Sumner, is responsible for all […]

Feature Friday: Southern Magnolia Mineral Cosmetics

Feature Friday: Southern Magnolia Cosmetics

Tell us a little bit about your company: Southern Magnolia Mineral Cosmetics is made with love using natural ingredients put on this earth from Mother Nature herself! Made in the USA, cruelty-free, gluten-free, toxin-free, we care about providing safe and healthy alternatives to “dirty” makeup. We inspire every woman to embrace their imperfections and empower […]

Feature Friday: Flying Heart Brewing

Flying Heart Brewing Keg Collars

From our KegCollars.net Sales Team: We were able to help Flying Heart Brewing create collars for each beer type along with the necessary files needed to submit through the online COLA application.  Their crisp artwork and clear design instructions made it easy for us to create their art.  Now, we are able to modify the beer […]

Feature Friday: Blind Squirrel Brewery

Blind Squirrel Brewery from KegCollars.net

From our KegCollars.net Sales Team: We were able to help Blind Squirrel Brewery with many aspects of their branding. We helped design their custom shaped keg wraps and bottle labels. They were able to take advantage of low minimums with multiple versions of their bottle labels and keg wraps. Both of their keg wraps and […]

Feature Friday: Infusion Breast Care Botanicals

Infusion Breast Care Botanicals Custom Boxes

About Infusion Breast Care Botanicals: Infusion Breast Care Botanicals creates breast skin care products for women who are going through breast cancer treatments, mastectomies, breast reconstruction or breast surgery. Our products address the specific issues that women face when going through these treatments such as scaring, thinning breast skin, damaged skin from radiation treatments, and […]

Feature Friday: Nectar Creek

Feature Friday nectar Creek

From Our Sales Team at KegCollars.net: Nectar Creek recognized our ability to make custom shape keg collars. Their unique shape and bright vivid artwork make their keg collars very noticeable in the market. By utilizing our ability to print multiple versions of the same size collar, they were able to affordably brand each of their flavors of […]

Feature Friday: Simplified Soap

About Simplified Soap: Our focus is on getting handmade, locally made goat milk soaps, lotions and other body products into the hands of our customers. We primarily wholesale and leave the selling to the pros. About their Branding and Products: Our packaging tends toward clean lines and simple beauty that reflects the simplicity of our […]

Feature Friday: Simply Eden Bath & Body

Simply Eden Soap Boxes

From our Sales Team: Simply Eden Bath & Body was looking for a US based box maker that could make exactly what she was looking for. Through our brand Custom Kraft Box, they were able to find the exact box size, color and cutout that they needed. The cutout allows her customers to see the products […]