Color Matching: Make sure you get the exact color you want!

Have you ever noticed that when you print something from your computer screen, the colors are not the same? Or they tend to be different when using different printers? When it comes to ordering boxes, folding cartons, labels or any of our printed products, we highly suggest a process called Color Matching.  Color Matching is […]

Tips and Tricks for Label Design with

If you’re wondering what’s required to get your artwork professionally printed, we’ve prepared a checklist of the most important file attributes when creating labels. Here are the top 6 problems our designers encounter when working with customers’ files:   More links about our labels: Video About Digitally Printed Full Color Labels Custom Shaped Full […]

Custom Shape Labels

Distinguish your product in the marketplace with a custom shape label!     One thing that makes so unique is our ability to create custom shapes at no additional cost. There’s lots of stock labels out there, and very few imaginative custom shapes. On a typical aisle at the store, there are shelves and […]

Do your food product labels align with the proposed changes?

FDA Proposes Big Changes for Nutrition Facts Labels on Food Products On February 27th, the FDA announced proposed changes to food nutrition labels. This stems from recent scientific findings that link diet to multiple diseases including obesity and heart disease. The most visible changes would be: Update serving sizes to better represent what people are […]

Cosmetic Box Design: Art vs. Regulation

Guest Post From Marie Gale  When creating a box design for a cosmetic product, you want it to be beautiful, right?  Artistically harmonious, balanced in scale and design, colors that reflect the core concept of your product. While all these things are possible, there are a few regulations that have to be kept in mind […] : Your LABEL Solution!

What makes so unique to the label market? We are a digital label producer, which allows us to cut unique shapes without having any setup charges or die fees. What material combinations does offer? We can print on paper or polypropylene, and offer a gloss or matte finish (For a complete explanation the […]

Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to Your Box Solution and Companies blog! We’re glad you stopped by!   The purpose of our blog is to inform our customer about not only our company but also packaging in general. Packaging is what stands between you and your customer. We here at YourBoxSolution want to help you get the most out […]