Chocolate Packaging to Upgrade Your Brand: Chocolate Bar Boxes & More

Chocolate bars packaging

Chocolate is for the sweet-toothed what water is to fish – some of us we can’t imagine living without it.  If you’re like me, you love everything about chocolate. “A moment on the lips, forever on the hips”, they say. But what about chocolate packaging? Is it that elusive and ephemeral as the decadent treat, […]

Kraft Boxes – What Makes Them Unique & Where You Can Get Yours

Kraft boxes header

Kraft boxes have taken the packaging industry by storm years ago. For some, they are the ugly duckling to be avoided at all costs. Because of their brown color, kraft boxes are very often associated with cardboard shipping boxes that hold no style, customization, or elegance.  As you’re about to see in this blog post, […]

Cosmetic Packaging Ideas You Can Implement Now To Brand Your Product

Cosmetic packaging

If you’ve already got your cosmetic packaging created and your product is rocking the market, congratulations! That’s amazing! However. Supposing your product is ready but you’ve hit a wall trying to figure out what’s the cosmetic packaging that would really help it rise….you’re in the right place! This blog post will showcase some of the […]

11 Easy Steps to Create Perfect Packaging for Your Products

Perfect packaging

Perfect packaging does exist. And today you’ll find out what can you do to make sure your packaging is spot on. In a previous post, we’ve talked about the importance of packaging and labeling and how custom packaging can help you build a brand that stands the test of time. This time, we’re going to […]

Why Quality Packaging and Labeling Matter For Your Brand Image

We use the words “packaging” and “labeling” quite a lot. But what do they really mean? At a simple Google search, Wikipedia tells us that “Packaging is the science, art, and technology of enclosing or protecting products for distribution, storage, sale, and use. Packaging also refers to the process of designing, evaluating, and producing packages.” […]

PDF Proofing Process

It is very important to review your PDF proof carefully. Proofing is the most vital step in the pre-production process. The proofing process is the only way to catch errors before production of your boxes. We will produce your order exactly how it was approved in the proof that was sent back to you. [embedyt] […]

Metallic Substrate v. Hot Foil Stamping

Recently we introduced a new offering with Metallic Paperboard. There are some questions if this offering will replace Hot Foil Stamping. Here are some benefits and drawbacks for each to help you decide which will work best for your project! Hot Foil Stamping This the process of stamping a “foil” onto your box using a […]

Sample Packets: Custom Printed Boxes

sample packets

We feel the best way to show our customers the quality of our products is to send them a free sample pack containing an array of custom printed boxes. When you request a sample pack from our website you will receive a number of custom printed samples highlighting most, if not all our print and […]

Custom Boxes for Beard Care Products

One of  the newer product lines that is making strides in the marketplace is Beard Care products. A lot of men, and women are enjoying the different products to wash, maintain and style beards! Our production process and workflow are a great way to get into the market and own the “shelf.” Whether it is […]

Two Sided Printing

Two Sided Printing

Printing a custom design on both the exterior of the box and interior of the box can add more value to your products packaging without a large investment. For a small added fee, usually around $0.10 per piece, we allow our customers the ability to print custom graphics on the interior panels of the box…full […]

How Do I Measure My Product?

Measure Product

Understanding Dimension Orientation: A question that we get a lot is “How do I measure my product?”   In this short tutorial we will give you some tips of how our boxes are laid out, as well as how to measure your product to find the box that you would like. First thing is to understand […]