Metallic Paperboard

Silver Paperboard

Metallic Paperboard Option: Silver Sub-straight We’re now offering the ability to print on metallic paperboard. Instead of the traditional white paperboard or brown paperboard, we now have the the option to print on silver sub-straight. Metallic sub-straight allows us to recreate a box with metallic elements in it without the use of a metallic die. […]

Multiple Design Versions from YourBoxSolution

Same Size Box

If you are a soap maker with one mold, or have different products that use the same container and would like to have specific artwork printed for each scent/variation this is a great offer for you. Our revolutionary production process allows you to run multiple design versions at varying quantities based on your needs. Now […]

Cosmetic Packaging with Your Box Solution

Cosmetic Packaging

The cosmetic industry values branding as much or more so than any other industry in the retail market.   YBS allows brand owners as well as start ups the ability to get into beautiful custom printed packaging without Breaking the budget. We manufacture both custom printed boxes and labels in short runs, cost-effectively with a […]

Printed Proof Samples – Your Options

Printed Samples A common question we get here at Your Box Solution is “Can I get aa actual proof of my box before I order it?”. The short answer is, YES! Here are your two options for printed proofs: 1) Flat Printed Proof Receive an actual flat printed proof of your box. We call this […]

Our Process – Your Box Solution

Custom Printed Boxes from YourBoxSolution

Once of the most common questions we get is “What’s the process for getting custom printed boxes for my products?” It’s easier than you might think and we’re here every step of the way. Steps to getting Custom Printed Boxes from 1. Product Dimensions We first need the dimensions of your product or send […]

Coating Options at

Finish Option

We have multiple coating options at To receive a sample of our coating options, please fill out our sample request form here. Uncoated Box: All of our boxes are made from a pretreated paperboard. This treatment primes the paperboard prior to printing so that the ink has a solid adhesion to the paperboard that […]

Multiple Versions of Custom Printed Soap Boxes

Soap Boxes

[embedyt][/embedyt] Multiple Versions of Custom Printed Soap Boxes At, you can get multiple versions for a combined bulk rate. If you have multiple flavors or scents of soaps that use the same size box, you can combine the total quantity of the same sized boxes needed and receive pricing based on that number. […]

Finishing Options: Foil, Matte, Gloss, Spot Coating

Foil Stamping

We offer quite a few finishing options here at Your Box Solution. Finishing options can drastically change the way your finished boxes look and feel. High GlossĀ Coating: High gloss coating offers a very slick and shinny finish. This makes the surface very smooth and reflective of light. Glossy finishes bring attention to color and vibrant […]

Feature Friday: Bookbone


About BookBone: BookBone is the original weighted rubber bookmark with over 100,000 sales worldwide. BookBone is a small owned and operated company out of Savannah Georgia.. BookBones are available in three bright colors; Red, Blue or Green. Cast in urethane with weights permanently molded in each end, they’re washable, stain and chemical resistant and they’ll […]

Feature Friday: Almost Edible Soaps

About Almost Edible Soaps: We are a family run company located on a farm in Mid coast Maine. We make luxurious hand crafted products, many of which are based on goats milk and other sustainably sourced ingredients. We humanly raise our own herd of lovingly spoiled Dwarf Nigerian Goats.We package all of our products in […]

Feature Friday: Amaki

About Amaki Skincare: Founded by a certified esthetician, Amaki is a family owned and operated company committed to quality, value and customer care. Using nothing but the purest ingredients nature has to offer, our skincare products help individuals address their own unique skin types and skin care problems organically to achieve a clear, healthy complexion […]

Printing on Brown Kraft Paperboard

Printing on Kraft

There are a couple things to consider when Printing on the Brown Kraft Paperboard. Kraft boxes are an exciting product we are proud to offer – but there are some details that should be considered when designing for this product. Color: The paper stock will affect the way that colors appear, and some lighter coors […]