Feature Friday: Mountain Girl Soap

Mountain Girl Soap Packaging

From our Sales Team: Naomi wanted a rustic look, but also wanted her boxes to look professional. She chose to go with color print on our natural kraft paperboard. By using the same box, we are able to combine her quantities of each design for a lower per box price. About Mountain Girl Soap: Mountain […]

White Ink on Natural Kraft Paper

We have some exciting news! YourBoxSolution.com is now the only short-run box manufacture to offer printing with white ink on kraft boxes. This is a very sought after look and feel in the current market. White ink on kraft paper provides a very distinct and light look to your packaging. The natural fibers in kraft paper […]

Feature Friday: Ollie and Olina

From our Sales Team: Erika and her designer Geri Jewitt (thelanguidlion.com) came to us with Erika’s boxes that had a unique size, with custom cutouts and a hang tag. We were able to accommodate Erika’s ideas along with keeping the minimum quantity low for the first run. Now that we have Erika’s die in house, […]

Feature Friday: Dorm Labs

About Dorm Labs: Nerf blasters aren’t just for kids, they’re also for the kids at heart. Dorm Labs LLC helps you dominate at your next office Nerf war with our performance upgrades and attachments that turn your average Nerf blaster into a foam launcher of mass destruction. From powerful spring and battery upgrades to laser […]

Feature Friday: Taylor Street Soap Co.

Soap boxes

From our Sales Team: Rachel contacted us looking for a box that was simple in design but customized to her vision of how she wanted her soaps to be presented. She created a box design with simple black text on our white board, and added a cutout to make the soap and her labels be […]

Labels and Boxes

Labels and Boxes If you’re in the market for labels and boxes, we are the perfect solution. You can have all of your products made under one roof – ShortRunLabels.com and YourBoxSolution.com are partner companies who share a manufacturing facility. This presents several advantages for customers – improved color control, easy shipping, and consistent customer […]

Feature Friday: Valley Contax

From our Sales Team: Valley Contacts were looking for a box supplier who could fulfill their packaging needs without requiring a large investment of tens of thousands of boxes. YourBoxSolution short run capabilities gave them the ability to order 2500 units at a competitive price point without any setup costs. The beautifully designed graphics combined […]

Feature Friday: Avital’s Apiaries

Soap box packaging

 From our Sales Team: Lesli has multiple different scents of soaps, along with different flavors of lip balm. She wanted to keep everything uniform and using the same custom made box throughout her line of soaps. We were able to get Lesli to an affordable price to cover her multiple designs. About Avital’s Apiaries: Avital’s […]

Feature Friday: Henné Organics

Custom Boxes Skincare

From our Sales Team: Laura contacted us looking for a packaging option where she could get a low quantity to help launch her product, without sacrificing quality. We were able to help her out with this and quickly she reordered her box with a small change at a higher quantity. About Henné Organics: Our vision […]

Feature Friday: Soapy Water

From our Sales Team: Shannan wanted to distinguish her soap line and set it apart. She designed a soap box that included a cutout so that her soaps could be seen, as well as smell the aroma of each. With our low minimums and one time custom die creation/setup fee, we were able to help […]

Multiple Design Versions

Multiple Design Versions

Utilizing our digital printing presses, YourBoxSolution gives you the ability to order multiple design versions of the same size box at a combined bulk quantity discounted rate. You can even order in varying quantities and still receive a combined bulk rate. We understand that certain products sell more than others and that you’ll need to […]

eLiquid Packaging

eLiquid Packaging and Boxes

Set your eliquid brand apart with full color custom printed packaging. At YourBoxSolution we have a number of box sizes specifically created to match the most popular eliquid bottles used in the marketplace. At YourBoxSolution.com, we have the ability to produce multiple design versions of the same size box and give you a combined bulk […]