6 Must Do’s When Designing Your Packaging

1. Communicate Your Product and Brand The main goal of your packaging should be to communicate your brand. What do you want your consumers to know about your brand and product? The information you include on your packaging along with the style and look of the design will convince your consumer that this is the […]

Regulating Inventory

How can  short-run custom cartons save you money? Simple answer: by regulating your packaging inventory. Short-run custom cartons can give you the ability to: test out products on the market without large packaging costs conduct market research with multiple versions of packaging (A/B testing) reduce your need for excess storage costs improve your margins by […]

Custom Folding Cartons

Custom Folding Cartons: Commonly Used Industry Terms What is a Custom Folding Carton? The term “folding carton” may sound new to you but the term has been used since the late 19th century . The term “folding carton” refers to a carton that is made of paperboard. Paperboard is often printed and laminated then sent […]

Where do we fit in?

  Your Box Solution is a short-run folding carton manufacture. With advancements in digital print technology, new breaks have surfaced in the short-run folding carton market. These digital machines that were once only utilized for digital label printing can now handle heavier and larger paperboard making them ideal for short-run print jobs. How can we […]

Packaging for Gift Sets

The holidays are almost upon us and with it comes gift sets! Gift sets are very popular items during the holidays but can be tricky to package. There are multiple ways you can package gift sets but keep in mind that the packaging can make or brake a deal. Most consumers decide if they want […]

Custom Printed Bands and Sleeves

Customize your standard packaging options with custom printed bands or sleeves. A custom printed band or sleeve is a secondary packaging method that covers your products while allowing you the ability to add branding and information that will visually attract your customers . With a minimal investment, you can upgrade your standard packaging. Use a custom […]

The Benefits of a Niche Market

First, what is a niche market? Niche Marketing: Offering a product or service that is specifically tailored to a selected market.   Offering products that are for a niche market can greatly influence your sales by providing higher margins and more cost-effective marketing. Targeting your merchandise to a specific market can help limit your competition.  […]

Cosmetic Packaging: High-Quality, Affordable Cosmetic Boxes & Labels

Are you in the market for boxes that fit standard size bottles or cosmetic containers? Look no further. At YourBoxSolution.com, we offer the most affordable, high-quality cosmetic packaging at unbeatable minimums (250 units). Products from YourBoxSolution.com and ShortRunLabels.com are proudly made here in the USA and with the finest equipment on the market.   Our […]

Color Printing on Kraft or Natural Paper

A unique look to kraft packaging is color ink on kraft stock. We recently took these Mountain Girl Soap bar boxes to the Handmade Soap and Cosmetic Guild conference in Arizona and they were a hit. Kraft packaging is a current trend in the soap, beauty and food industries.  The color ink along with the […]

Candle Packaging

Since candles are a heavier product, we suggest doing 2 things to your boxes to make them sturdy enough for the weight of a candle. Use 18pt Stock Paper. The heavier paper will give you a sturdier box to withhold the weight of a candle. Choose or design a box with a lock-bottom. This will […]

Let’s Get Krafty with Natural Backgrounds!

The use of kraft boxes in retail packaging is very popular right now. The eco-friendly, natural look of kraft paper creates a feel all on it’s own.  Most kraft paper is made from 99% post consumer recycled material making it not only visually appealing but easy on the environment. The natural look and feel of […]

Why we don’t have a catalog…

If you were to walk into our production plant, you would not see isles of imported stock boxes stacked sky high awaiting orders from a catalog that limits your options (let’s not forget that your competition uses this catalog as well). You would not see massive machines that require minimums to start at 2,500. You […]