Color Matching: Make sure you get the exact color you want!

Have you ever noticed that when you print something from your computer screen, the colors are not the same? Or they tend to be different when using different printers? When it comes to ordering boxes, folding cartons, labels or any of our printed products, we highly suggest a process called Color Matching.  Color Matching is […]

Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetic Guild

Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetic Guide 2014 Annual Conference We were so thrilled to be an exhibitor at the 2014 HSCG Conference. It’s a great opportunity for us to meet some of you and also make new connections. Word is this thee event you don’t want to miss and it’s our chance to make a lasting impressions. […]

Custom Golf Ball Packaging

Custom Golf Ball packaging from At, we offer multiple items for the golf market. Promote your business through one of our many golf packaging items. Golf Box Options: Single Ball Box 2-Ball Box 3-Ball Sleeve Half Dozen Box (Holds 2 Sleeves) Dozen Golf Ball Box (Holds 4 Sleeves) Golf Box Sleeves: Use a […]

3 Basic Types of Folding Cartons

The difference between a straight tuck, reverse tuck, and lock bottom box: Straight Tuck Box A Straight Tuck box is the most commonly made box on the market. Straight tuck simply means that flaps on each side fold directly into the box from the front to the back or the back to the front. Both […]

Multiple Design Box or Band Versions

Same size box versions

  One of the many benefits of is our ability to produce multiple design versions of the same size box. At, we print all of our packaging using the highest quality digital offset printing presses. This allows you as the brand owner the ability to order beautiful full color custom printed packaging at […]

Folding Cartons & Boxes: The Benefits of Custom Cutouts

A custom cutout allows your customer to view your product without losing the integrity of your packaging. With a custom cutout, you can:  allow your customers to view  product before purchasing encourage customers to get a sample of the scent of your product promote your product in an artist way (create a cutout in the […]

Cosmetic Box Design: Art vs. Regulation

Guest Post From Marie Gale  When creating a box design for a cosmetic product, you want it to be beautiful, right?  Artistically harmonious, balanced in scale and design, colors that reflect the core concept of your product. While all these things are possible, there are a few regulations that have to be kept in mind […]

Foil Stamping

Foil Stamping is the application of metallic foil to paper. The foil adheres to the paper leaving a metallic surface in desired areas, artwork, or logos. Why use hot foil stamping? Foil stamping can bring a certain sophistication to your brand The use of foil on your logo can create a more profitable brand perception […]

Soap Bar Boxes are Vital!

Let us explain why… Professional: If you want consumers to take your products seriously, you need to visually demonstrate that you have taken the time and energy into every aspect of the product – from start to finish. Informative: Your packaging is what communicates your product. Packaging your soap in custom printed boxes allows you to include […]

Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to Your Box Solution and Companies blog! We’re glad you stopped by!   The purpose of our blog is to inform our customer about not only our company but also packaging in general. Packaging is what stands between you and your customer. We here at YourBoxSolution want to help you get the most out […]