Feature Friday: Avital’s Apiaries

 From our Sales Team:

Lesli has multiple different scents of soaps, along with different flavors of lip balm. She wanted to keep everything uniform and using the same custom made box throughout her line of soaps. We were able to get Lesli to an affordable price to cover her multiple designs.

Soap bar holster boxes

About Avital’s Apiaries:

Avital’s Apiaries started out as a beekeeping company—hence the name. As long-time hobby beekeeper, I casually sold and gifted honey, candles, and lip balm while working full time as a system administrator. My hobby became more serious after I quit my computer job to stay home with my daughter, Avital… and a dozen or so beehives. At first, I made lotion bars and balms, then branched out into soaps, whipped butters, and eventually, lotions, scrubs, and fizzies. Most of business is wholesale to Upstate New York gift and grocery stores, but I’ll be opening an online store soon.

Chapstick Display Box

About their Branding:

Honey bees are my inspiration: their work ethic, their persistence, their incredibly efficient democracy, and their ability to collect the sweetness of flowers and pack it away in their home for a rainy day. They usually pack enough away, in fact, that a beekeeper can take 100 lbs or so, and still leave nearly that much for the bees for winter. They are generally docile… but can be fiercely protective of their babies and their home, as unlucky people (and bears!) know all too well.

My company reflects those values: My hard work creates skincare that is both accessible and an indulgence. My soaps help start your day on a brighter note, and my balms and lotions keep your skin feeling comfortable and smooth. I custom blend essential oils to create unique scents, and I choose oils and butters that will make your skin happy, and herbs and extracts for extra oomph!

Soap Bar Holster Box

How did you hear about YourBoxSolution?

I heard about YourBoxSolutions from a soaping blog—I think it was Lovin’ Soap—close to two years ago. It took me a long time to make the leap to preprinted boxes, but I am so glad I did. Printing my own labels—even precut labels—was time consuming, and could be frustrating when there were inevitable printer problems. The boxes are a snap to fold, and they look so professional! I love the way my product looks on the shelves.


What did you like most about using YourBoxSolution?

Everyone was great to work with, and they really know their stuff.

To learn more about Avital’s Apiaries, visit AvitalsApiaries.com