Feature Friday: Infusion Breast Care Botanicals

About Infusion Breast Care Botanicals:

Infusion Breast Care Botanicals creates breast skin care products for women who are going through breast cancer treatments, mastectomies, breast reconstruction or breast surgery. Our products address the specific issues that women face when going through these treatments such as scaring, thinning breast skin, damaged skin from radiation treatments, and sensory disruption caused by breast surgery.

infusion breast care custom boxes

About their Brand and Products:

As a breast cancer survivor I was looking for natural, pure, vegan breast skin care products to help me transition through breast surgeries and breast cancer treatments. There wasn’t anything on the market that met my criteria of natural, chemical free, vegan products. As an aromatherapist and natural skin care enthusiast, I decided to formulate my own. Out of that grew the Infusion Breast Care Botanical product line. It was important that my products not only work but I wanted the packaging to be beautiful. I spent a lot of time living with different color combinations before finally settling on my final choices. The glass containers are not only aesthetically pleasing, they help preserve the product and they are recyclable. I wanted the boxes that I chose to be as pretty as my containers.

infusion breast care custom boxes

How did you find out about YourBoxSolution.com?

Your Box Solution was recommended to me by a fellow indie business owner.

What did you like most about using YourBoxSolution.com?

I was immediately impressed with the selection of boxes I had to choose from. It was easy to find boxes that I thought would work for me. I’m a small business and I appreciated that I didn’t have to commit to large quantities. After I figured out what boxes would work for me I was so impressed with Your Box Solution customer service. I didn’t feel like my small order was less important than any other order. I thought I would start out with a box for my Calendula Rescue Ointment first, then if I liked what I got, then I would move on to the rest of my collection. I have to say I was nervous but the day my boxes arrived I couldn’t have been more pleased. They are spectacular and colors are spot on! I can’t wait to get started on designing the boxes for the rest of my collection.

infusion breast care custom boxes

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