Feature Friday: Simply Eden Bath & Body

From our Sales Team:

Simply Eden Bath & Body was looking for a US based box maker that could make exactly what she was looking for. Through our brand Custom Kraft Box, they were able to find the exact box size, color and cutout that they needed. The cutout allows her customers to see the products firsthand.

Custom Soap Boxes for Simply Eden

About Simply Eden Bath & Body:

Simply Eden Bath & Body was started because I realized the so-called “soap” that I was using was actually a harsh chemical detergent that was irritating my sensitive skin. I decided that I needed to go back to the basics with my skin and back to the way soap was meant to be.

I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) several years back and decided that I needed to make an adjustment. In order to get a handle on my MS, I made a change in the way I ate. I began eating food the way it was meant to be. Meaning, everything I ate was made from scratch or as close to it as possible. This, in turn, enabled me to get a handle on my MS symptoms. This lifestyle change also led me to move from a stressful job in the restaurant business to a job working out of my home, which enabled me to take better care of my body – inside and out. After working from home for several years, I decided that my dad’s entrepreneurial side was telling me I needed to do something fulfilling. Thus, Simply Eden Goat Milk Soap and Lotion was started, which allowed me to know exactly what I was using on my sensitive skin.

Custom Soap Boxes for Simply Eden

About their Products & Branding:

I make all of my products from scratch, to include milking my small herd of dairy goats. Simply Eden products all uniquely formulated by me and tested first by me and then by a select group of various testers. Along with the goat-milk soap, I make goat-milk lotions, body mousse, balms and salts. I chose my branding to keep with my clean simple tastes. I love my soap boxes because they have a sleek, elegant and upscale look.

How did you find out about CustomKraftBox.com?

Actually I was just searching for a company that had USA-made products because this was very important to me.

What did you like most about using CustomKraftBox.com?

Knowing that the boxes are made in-house with a quick turnaround really sold me on my decision to use Custom Kraft Boxes. Working with Custom Kraft Boxes has truly been fantastic. They listen to my needs and have very competitive pricing. The boxes are made to order and shipped very quickly, which is important to me.

Custom Soap Boxes for Simply Eden

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