Feature Friday: Soapy Water

From our Sales Team:

Shannan wanted to distinguish her soap line and set it apart. She designed a soap box that included a cutout so that her soaps could be seen, as well as smell the aroma of each. With our low minimums and one time custom die creation/setup fee, we were able to help her accomplish her vision.

About Soapy Water:

Soapy Water highly believes in second chances (third, fourth, and even fifth). Being able to find that motivation to start over and to never give up on life can be incredible.
Soapy Water’s mission/passion is to create a high quality natural product that will give your body a clean slate. We feel that every time we take a bath or shower we are giving our bodies a cleanse, another chance to be healthy and another chance to be clean (a fresh start).

Soapy Water donates to a local charity called “Dress for Success” for incarcerated teens who have changed their lives and are starting over on a better path. We collect and also purchase ties, dress shirts, slacks etc. to donate to the teens for job interviews, graduations, and parole hearings. Soapy Water not only provides a fresh start but we also support organizations that offers the same.


About their Branding:

Our brand is focused on clean and simple. We want our customers to not only recognize our logo and immediately think of the company but to also engage with us and our skin safe moisturizing products.

Soapy Water products are handmade, vegetable base (cruelty free) and of course mother nature friendly. We use easy to pronounce luxury oils such as Sweet Almond from Spain, Castor from India, and exotic butters such as Fair Trade African Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter from Ghana. We currently offer bar soaps, body butters, and our famous coconut whips.


How did you find out about YourBoxSolution.com?

Various soap forums and blogs have mentioned your company. We did further research and requested box samples. We then made a sound decision to use your company.

Soapy Water Soap Boxes

What did you like most about using YourBoxSolution.com?

We love the customer service! Koree and Nathan are fantastic and quick to answer emails! Trust me we have sent plenty of emails! We thank you for your wonderful patience!

To learn more about Soapy Water, Visit their Facebook page.

To learn more about custom printed boxes, check out our brand, YourBoxSolution.com

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