Metallic Paperboard

Metallic Paperboard Option: Silver Sub-straight

We’re now offering the ability to print on metallic paperboard. Instead of the traditional white paperboard or brown paperboard, we now have the the option to print on silver sub-straight.

Silver Paperboard

Metallic sub-straight allows us to recreate a box with metallic elements in it without the use of a metallic die. It opens the door for multiple metallic colors and capabilities. Traditionally, in the past, we have created a foil die to adhere the foil to the box. This has high setup costs and limits the amount of detail you can put into the box because of the expansion of head and pressure used to adhere the foil to the box. The metallic sub-straight allows us to achieve the detailed metallic printing without the use of heat or pressure.

A common miss-understanding that we receive is that the entire box will be metallic. This is not the case. With the addition of white ink as a base, we can print a traditional design on the box along with the metallic embellishments. With our detailed art preparation guidelines, your artist can simply layer your artwork in a way that will achieve the look and design and end result you would like. The use of metallic paperboard simply expands the metallic possibilities for your packaging.

Silver Paperboard

In this video, Eric demonstrates how our silver substraight works and how it might benefit your packaging.