Metallic Substrate v. Hot Foil Stamping

Recently we introduced a new offering with Metallic Paperboard. There are some questions if this offering will replace Hot Foil Stamping. Here are some benefits and drawbacks for each to help you decide which will work best for your project!

Hot Foil Stamping

This the process of stamping a “foil” onto your box using a metal die. The die is heated up, and the foil is placed between the die and the surface of the paper or other material to be stamped. When the die is applied to the surface, the foil bonds to the surface, producing the metallic effect.

Foil Stamping

Metallic Substrate

For this we, the paperboard is laminated with a silver film that would leave the base to help make any color look metallic. White is printed to behind any color that isn’t supposed to be metallic, like a primer before painting.

Silver Paperboard

Here is a chart of Pros & Cons for each option:


Contact us to learn more or request your free sample pack to see the foil stamping and metallic paperboard first hand.