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Same Size Box

If you are a soap maker with one mold, or have different products that use the same container and would like to have specific artwork printed for each scent/variation this is a great offer for you.

Our revolutionary production process allows you to run multiple design versions at varying quantities based on your needs. Now you won’t have to over purchase on slower sellers that will take up valuable floor or shelf space in your work storage. You can tailor your order to help minimize waste.

Here is an example of how this offer pencils out:

We use our base pricing for the boxes, plus an $18 fee per additional design. You have 4 different designs using our box SL2472, and with varying quantities for each to maximize your better sellers to the slower ones. You are trying to get to the 3,000 piece pricing to maximize savings on packaging costs, but also fit in your budget.

Base pricing for 3,000 units of our 19.2pt Laminated SBS Paperboard with our matte lamination starts at $0.49 per box.
Design 1 – 1,500 boxes needed
Design 2 – 750 boxes needed
Design 3 – 500 boxes needed
Design 4 – 250 boxes needed (this is our minimum amount per design)

3,000 total boxes x $0.49 per box = $1,470.00
3 Additional Designs x $18 = $54
TOTAL – $1,524.00 or $0.508 per box

Using us as your packaging partner, you will be able to manage your inventory of unused boxes and get the best possible pricing, even for slower sellers.

Same Size Box

Same Size Box

Here is an actual case study of this process:

Chivas Skincare has multiple scents and uses different substrates to complete a vision they would like to use for each scent of their soap lines. They have designed each line of their offering to show this. Some are full color print on our White Laminated Paperboard, some are full color print on our Kraft Paperboard, and some are just black ink printed on our Kraft Paperboard. Because of our process of producing these boxes, we are able to offer them a discounted price per box because of this offering. They are able to order these different designs, at varying quantities based on needs for a combined rate, when ordered together.



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