Sample Packets: Custom Printed Boxes

We feel the best way to show our customers the quality of our products is to send them a free sample pack containing an array of custom printed boxes.

Sample Pack

When you request a sample pack from our website you will receive a number of custom printed samples highlighting most, if not all our print and manufacturing capabilities.

We want our customers to touch and feel the thickness of the paperboards we offer, the texture of each laminating option and most importantly see our superior print and structural quality of our products.

Along with an array of random samples we will also send you 3 YourBoxSolution self-promo boxes that highlight the specific laminates we offer as well as the different thicknesses of paperboard. Each will have this information printed directly on the box for easy reference.

We are confident that once you see first hand the quality of product our company manufactures it will confirm that we are the perfect company to produce your custom printed packaging.

Please follow this link to request your complimentary sample pack of our products.