Feature Friday: South Street Soapworks

About South Street Soapworks:

I started making natural soap almost 2 years ago. A year ago sales were good enough for me to quit my job and focus on my soap business. I make the soap in small batches in my kitchen. This past year I sold over 6500 bars of soap.

South Street Soapworks Custom White Boxes

South Street Soapworks Custom White Boxes

About their Soaps:

South Street Soapworks uses a time-honored method and simple ingredients. They created their soaps in small batches using the cold process method. They are fragrant, mild, skin friendly and are gluten free, phthalate free, and paraben free. They consist of olive oil, coconut oil, and tallow along with glycerine. They use fragrance oils along with herbs and flowers that they harvest themselves from their own gardens.

South Street Soapworks Custom White Boxes


Each of their bars of soap is hand-cut and inspected so it is both pleasing to the eye and smells simply delightful!

How to you hear about CustomKraftBox.com?

I found out about Custom Kraft Box though many internet searches to find a custom box for my soaps. At that time I was at the point of either finding a custom box or stopping my business. I was wrapping my soaps with paper bands and the soaps were continually getting damaged. Also natural soaps continue to cure/harden over time, so the paper bands were slipping off. I knew I needed a box to protect my soaps and allow them to breath – plus showcase each of my unique soaps so people could see and smell them. I have over 70 different scents with a unique natural look. I was so grateful to design a custom box to fit my unique bars of soap with an open top.

My business continues to grow beyond my wildest dreams and the boxes I order through Custom Kraft Box contribute to me staying in business by protecting and showcasing my handiwork with a fine quality box.

South Street Soapworks Custom White Boxes

South Street Soapworks Custom White Boxes

What have you liked most about working with CustomKraftBox.com?

I have been very grateful and pleased with the customer service I have received at Custom Kraft Box. Nathan has always answered all of my questions professionally and processed my orders quickly and efficiently. The boxes are wonderful!

South Street Soapworks Custom White Boxes

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