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sample packets

Sample Packets: Custom Printed Boxes

We feel the best way to show our customers the quality of our products is to send them a free sample pack containing an array of custom printed boxes. When you request a sample pack from our website you will receive a number of custom printed samples highlighting most, if not all our print and manufacturing capabilities. We want our…

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Feature Friday: Tread for Men

About Tread: Their story… You may be surprised but before Tread we didn’t regularly use facial care products. The only care for our face was the occasional attack from our wives with their creams and lotions when they noticed a new wrinkle, dry spot, blemish or pimple. After some time, we could see – through them – the daily grind…

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Cannabis Packaging

The Booming Cannabis Market

The cannabis market is on of the fastest growing industries in America, according to the New Frontier (the cannabis Big Data and analytics authority). According to the official 2015 ArcView, market estimate is $5.7 billion, up from $4.6 billion in 2014. That’s a compound annual growth rate of 31%. While this market is taking off, we want to help you…

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Feature Friday: Wild Carrot Herbals

About Wild Carrot Herbals: Wild Carrot Herbals is a small, family owned and operated company that began in 2000. It was created by two organic and biodynamic farmers, Jody and Michael. From day one, their goal has been to create honest, nutrient-rich, joyful products that are reasonably priced for the entire family. They are located in beautiful Enterprise, Oregon where…

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Feature Friday Wedderspoon Honey

Feature Friday: Wedderspoon USA

About Wedderspoon USA and their products: Wedderspoon USA was started by a husband and wife, Sebastein and Catherine Martin, in 2005.  As they learned about the many benefits of Manuka honey they were shocked to learn how difficult it was to find it in the Canadian and US marketplace.  Thus the start of Wedderspoon. Wedderspoon sources the finest and most pristine…

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YourBoxSolution Favorites from 2015

Some of our Favorites from 2015!

Check out a list of some of our favorite packaging items that we have done in 2015! This has been a record breaking year for YourBoxSolution and Companies. We continue to expand and update our production line and machines to stay at the peak of technology. This has allowed us to better serve the growing packaging market. We can’t thank…

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Adding Value with Custom Folding Cartons

Adding Value to Your Product with Custom Folding Cartons

There is no question that packaging has a direct impact on sales. High quality packaging delivers the message that the contents are also high quality therefor increasing the consumers perceived value. 3 Important Ways Folding Cartons Increase Perceived Value: 1) Consistency: Folding Cartons create a consistency among multiple containers. If every product in a line is in a similar folding…

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Feature Friday: Blue Sage Soap

About Blue Sage Soap and Terra Novus International Trading: Founded in 2011 by a team of MIT and Cornell Graduates, Terra Novus International Trading, C.C. seeks to bring holistic and scientific remedies from the old world into the modern one. Using historical knowledge and practice, we at Terra Novus believe that those who remember history are poised to enjoy it.…

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Skincare Packaging

… YourBoxSolution is a great place to start when looking for boxes for your skincare line. We have boxes in house that have been design to fit most: Airless Pump Bottles Boston Rounds Cream Jars     By using the boxes we have in-house, you CUT ALL SETUP FEES from your order. All you need to do is: find the correct…

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Feature Friday: Ollie and Olina

From our Sales Team: Erika and her designer Geri Jewitt (thelanguidlion.com) came to us with Erika’s boxes that had a unique size, with custom cutouts and a hang tag. We were able to accommodate Erika’s ideas along with keeping the minimum quantity low for the first run. Now that we have Erika’s die in house, there is no more setup…

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Feature Friday: Dorm Labs

About Dorm Labs: Nerf blasters aren’t just for kids, they’re also for the kids at heart. Dorm Labs LLC helps you dominate at your next office Nerf war with our performance upgrades and attachments that turn your average Nerf blaster into a foam launcher of mass destruction. From powerful spring and battery upgrades to laser sights and pump grips, we…

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Feature Friday: Valley Contax

From our Sales Team: Valley Contacts were looking for a box supplier who could fulfill their packaging needs without requiring a large investment of tens of thousands of boxes. YourBoxSolution short run capabilities gave them the ability to order 2500 units at a competitive price point without any setup costs. The beautifully designed graphics combined with high-gloss UV coating produced…

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