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Camino Beer Company Keg Collars

Feature Friday: Camino Beer Company

About Camino Beer Company: The Camino Beer Company was born during a 1,900 mile bicycle journey along the pilgrimage trail to Santiago de Compostela, Spain. To learn more about how Camino Beer Company came to be, visit here. From the founders: At Camino Beer Company, we love crafting high quality beer, and drinking it with friends old and new. Beer…

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Homestead Hard Cider

Feature Friday: Homestead Hard Cider

About Homestead Cider: Homestead Hard Cider is a company of a few life long friends who fell in love with the craft brewing world and wanted to experience it first hand by starting a cider company. Right after we graduated college in 2012, we started Homestead and have been doing everthing completely independently, even today. We start with farm fresh…

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Feature Friday: Sonoma Cider

About Sonoma Cider: Our story officially began in 2013 through a unique father and son partnership. Sharing an entrepreneur’s curiosity and deep passion for beverages, David and Robert Cordtz set out to reinvent the cider category. David, a celebrated cidermaster and winemaker, has had a nearly lifelong passion for beverages made from naturally grown and harvested ingredients. He has been…

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YourBoxSolution Favorites from 2015

Some of our Favorites from 2015!

Check out a list of some of our favorite packaging items that we have done in 2015! This has been a record breaking year for YourBoxSolution and Companies. We continue to expand and update our production line and machines to stay at the peak of technology. This has allowed us to better serve the growing packaging market. We can’t thank…

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Kombucha Keg Collars

Feature Friday: Wild Tonic Jun Kombucha

From our Sales Team: Kegs are not only for beer these days. Kombucha tea, with is numerous health benefits and endless flavors, is making a huge surge in the market. Wild Tonic Jun Kombucha is no exception. They came to us needing a custom printed, full color keg collar. Their artwork is clear and true to their brand. We’re excited…

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Your Box Solution Companies Videos

Custom Printed Keg Collars

We are continuously expanding our videos for all of our brands.  Our videos are a quick way for us to explain what our companies offer. Our sales representatives take the most commonly asked questions and address them in videos that are around a minute long. Check out our video page on our blog or visit our YouTube channel.    

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Flying Heart Brewing Keg Collars

Feature Friday: Flying Heart Brewing

From our KegCollars.net Sales Team: We were able to help Flying Heart Brewing create collars for each beer type along with the necessary files needed to submit through the online COLA application.  Their crisp artwork and clear design instructions made it easy for us to create their art.  Now, we are able to modify the beer name and provide files quick…

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Feature Friday nectar Creek

Feature Friday: Nectar Creek

From Our Sales Team at KegCollars.net: Nectar Creek recognized our ability to make custom shape keg collars. Their unique shape and bright vivid artwork make their keg collars very noticeable in the market. By utilizing our ability to print multiple versions of the same size collar, they were able to affordably brand each of their flavors of meed. We really enjoyed working…

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Custom Shape Keg Collars

One of the unique things about KegCollars.net is our flexibility with shapes and sizes. With KegCollars.net, you can create a custom shape for your own collar to enhance your brand. With a small one-time cutting die fee, you can design your own unique shape that is particular to your brand. Once we have made your specific cut die, you no…

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blank keg collars

Stock Keg Collars

From our brand KegCollars.net Our stock keg collars are printed and ready to ship out the next business day. These keg collars are a standard size of 6.5in with a 2.25″ cutout and printed on 12 point coated paperboard. They include preprinted production date labels, government and pressure warning. Ample space is provided to write in other important information such…

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Custom Keg Collars

Full Color Custom Printed Keg Collars

  KegCollars.net is your source for short-run, premium, custom printed keg collars. Keg collars are not only required for national distribution of your brew but also allow you the chance to build & expand your brand recognition. Our black & white or full color keg collars are digitally printed and constructed out of 12pt C2S coverstock. The thin clay coating…

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