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Emboss, Deboss, Foil Stamp

IMBUE Naturals: Embossing, Foil-Stamping and Debossing

IMBUE Naturals did a excellent job not only utilizing our full color custom print capabilities but also our ability to add imbossing, foil stamping, and debossing to their boxes. The gold foil throughout the design quickly grabs your eye and draws you to the beautiful package. You can see the intricate detail to the emboss lid that gives the package…

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Custom Embossing

Embossing is a post-print embellishment technique which creates a raised pattern on your box. Embossing involves the creation of an impression by placing an embossing die in contact with the paperboard under high heat and pressure. Embossing will give your packaging a unique look and texture that will grab your customers attention. What is the process to order custom printed…

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