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Soap Boxes

Multiple Versions of Custom Printed Soap Boxes

Multiple Versions of Custom Printed Soap Boxes At YourBoxSolution.com, you can get multiple versions for a combined bulk rate. If you have multiple flavors or scents of soaps that use the same size box, you can combine the total quantity of the same sized boxes needed and receive pricing based on that number. In addition, the qualities of each version…

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Sweet Olive Soap Works

Feature Friday: Sweet Olive Soap Works

About Sweet Olive Soap Works: Sweet Olive Soap Works was created out of my intense desire to promote the healthier aspects of the region and culture that I love. My Grandma Anna Mae had been a soapmaker, owned her own business and dedicated countless summer afternoons to sharing her skills with me. I had a feeling that I could do…

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South Street Soapworks Custom Boxes

Feature Friday: South Street Soapworks

About South Street Soapworks: I started making natural soap almost 2 years ago. A year ago sales were good enough for me to quit my job and focus on my soap business. I make the soap in small batches in my kitchen. This past year I sold over 6500 bars of soap. About their Soaps: South Street Soapworks uses a time-honored…

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Feature Friday: Blue Sage Soap

About Blue Sage Soap and Terra Novus International Trading: Founded in 2011 by a team of MIT and Cornell Graduates, Terra Novus International Trading, C.C. seeks to bring holistic and scientific remedies from the old world into the modern one. Using historical knowledge and practice, we at Terra Novus believe that those who remember history are poised to enjoy it.…

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Feature Friday: Simplified Soap

About Simplified Soap: Our focus is on getting handmade, locally made goat milk soaps, lotions and other body products into the hands of our customers. We primarily wholesale and leave the selling to the pros. About their Branding and Products: Our packaging tends toward clean lines and simple beauty that reflects the simplicity of our products. We have a little…

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Simply Eden Soap Boxes

Feature Friday: Simply Eden Bath & Body

From our Sales Team: Simply Eden Bath & Body was looking for a US based box maker that could make exactly what she was looking for. Through our brand Custom Kraft Box, they were able to find the exact box size, color and cutout that they needed. The cutout allows her customers to see the products firsthand. About Simply Eden Bath…

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Mountain Girl Soap Packaging

Feature Friday: Mountain Girl Soap

From our Sales Team: Naomi wanted a rustic look, but also wanted her boxes to look professional. She chose to go with color print on our natural kraft paperboard. By using the same box, we are able to combine her quantities of each design for a lower per box price. About Mountain Girl Soap: Mountain Girl Soap is a micro…

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Soap boxes

Feature Friday: Taylor Street Soap Co.

From our Sales Team: Rachel contacted us looking for a box that was simple in design but customized to her vision of how she wanted her soaps to be presented. She created a box design with simple black text on our white board, and added a cutout to make the soap and her labels be the only color that you…

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Soap box packaging

Feature Friday: Avital’s Apiaries

 From our Sales Team: Lesli has multiple different scents of soaps, along with different flavors of lip balm. She wanted to keep everything uniform and using the same custom made box throughout her line of soaps. We were able to get Lesli to an affordable price to cover her multiple designs. About Avital’s Apiaries: Avital’s Apiaries started out as a…

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Feature Friday: Soapy Water

From our Sales Team: Shannan wanted to distinguish her soap line and set it apart. She designed a soap box that included a cutout so that her soaps could be seen, as well as smell the aroma of each. With our low minimums and one time custom die creation/setup fee, we were able to help her accomplish her vision. About…

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