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Vape Juice, E-Juice, And E-Liquid boxes

E-Juice bottles and droppers took the market by storm, and you can take part in the game by getting custom-printed E-Liquid boxes for your brand. Choose the freedom to have limitless designs and top-quality printing results. At YourBoxSolution, you can get a perfectly crafted E-Liquid packaging box.

Our library below suits the most popular E-Liquid droppers and squeeze bottles. Just pick from our 3000+ dies to start your project. If you want to order completely custom packaging, it is just as easy.

We manufacture the E Liquid Boxes from scratch. This allows us to offer the best prices and unlimited customization options.

Choose a box size from our library and get in touch for a quick quote.

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Quality Product & Service

Quality Product & Service

Competitive pricing

Competitive pricing

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Environmentally friendly

Fast Turnaround Times

Fast Turnaround Times

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Real-time Access

Made in the USA

Made in the USA

Our most popular E-Liquid, Vape Juice And E-Juice Boxes

Dimensions are represented in the L x W x D format and are in inches.

Reverse Tuck

1.69" x 1.69" x 5.75"

Bottle Volume: 135ml Squeeze Bottle


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Straight Tuck

1.38" x 1.38" x 4.25"

Bottle Volume: 30ml Squeeze Bottle


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Straight Tuck

2.03" x 2.03" x 5.55"

Bottle Volume: 70ml Dropper


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Straight Tuck

1.63" x 1.63" x 4.63"

Bottle Volume: 60ml Dropper


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Straight Tuck

1.50" x 1.50" x 4.50"

Bottle Volume: 30ml Dropper


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Straight Tuck

1.31" x 1.31" x 4.13"

Bottle Volume: 30ml Dropper


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Bottle Volume: Custom


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Get Your Custom E Liquid Boxes

E-Liquid boxes Just Like You Want Them

The secret to making a perfect E Liquid box is to build your design on the essential elements of your brand. Having the freedom to choose any type of box and embellishments makes everything easier.

You can make your logo, product information, and copy stand out with our variety of printing techniques.

Get inspired by our projects, or get the Eliquid boxes that you’ve been already planning!

Check out some examples of E Liquid Packaging from our portfolio:

e-liquid Box
eliquid Dropper box
Eliquid drops
ecigs boxes

The essential Eliquid Boxes checklist

There is no single perfect way for packaging E-Liquids, but there are for sure a few elements to count on if you want to have the best chance on the shelf. Here are the essentials:

1. Choose a resistant E Liquid packaging box

E-Liquid products require special protection. Nothing disappoints more than a cheap-looking box. The unboxing experience should be exciting and placing the product in a good light. With the right Eliquid boxes, you can be sure that the bottles will be safe during transportation and while being handled. A quality E Liquid packaging box inspires trust and adds a premium feel.

2. Put the flavor in the front

E-Liquids are a great alternative to standard smoking, and the flavor is their main asset. You’ll see that most manufacturers create their E-Liquid boxes around the flavors. You can include images, patterns, or colors that suggest the flavors on the packaging. These elements can be embossed, debossed, or have a shiny coating.

3. Make use of all the space

Your E Liquid boxes might be the only chance that you get to interact with your customers. Why not use all the space available to try to convince them? With our inside-out printing solutions you can print on all sides of the Eliquid box. This way, you can include more information elements to the E Liquid boxes, and highlight your advantages.

Many of our clients choose these options for their e liquid boxes: 
10ml bottle boxes · 30ml bottle boxes · 60ml bottle boxes · 100ml bottle boxes

You can also request boxes in any custom size.

The Most Popular Types Of E Liquid Boxes

As you’ve seen above, there are tons of E-Liquid boxes to choose from. The best way to pick one is to imagine a customer unboxing your product. Here are some of the most popular types of Eliquid boxes:

  • Straight Tuck & Reverse Tuck Eliquid boxes
  • Boxes with cut-outs that put the bottles on display
  • Boxes with sleeves on top for flavors or limited editions

Coatings add an extra layer to the unboxing experience. They bring personality to the ELiquid packaging box and can change the way it looks and feels. At YourBoxSolution, you can choose from:

  • Glossy - it is shiny and reflective, perfect for a luxurious look
  • Matte – it is non-reflective and has a nice texture, perfect for a classy look
  • Soft-touch – it is matte and very nice to the touch, perfect to make an impact

Premium Paperboard For Your E-Liquid boxes

The look of your E-Liquid boxes depends a lot on the paperboard. Our premium paperboard can be printed and cut in any color, size, and shape. We offer 3 types of paperboard for your E-Liquid boxes:

  • White SBS – This type of paperboard is made from the highest quality wood pulp. The virgin fibers are bleached to the level of a perfect white. The white paperboard can be 17.2pt or 19pt thick.
  • Brown Kraft Paperboard - This paperboard has a natural brown color and is the most eco-friendly solution for packaging. The kraft paperboard can be 18pt thick.
  • Metallized Paperboard – This paperboard has a metallic film that makes the E Liquid box look luxurious. The metalized paperboard can be 19.2pt thick.

Get 360 Branding with E Liquid Boxes and Labels

Packaging is your #1 asset on the shelf. You want to get your customers to notice and grab your product, and packaging can help you steal the spotlight. You can get an extra chance to win the sale by pairing your E Liquid packaging box with a matching label.

The labels look professional and can include extra information for your customers. Many brands use labels to create a more complex look for their products. At the same time, the e liquid labels can help to comply with the FDA’s requirements.

At YourBoxSolution, you can get both the E Liquid boxes and the labels at the same time. You can choose from a variety of coatings, embellishments, and shapes for the labels as well. We offer great prices and fast turnarounds.

A High-Standard Solution For Your Business

YourBoxSolution is a full-service printing facility located in the US. We manufacture, print, cut, and fold the boxes without outsourcing any of the steps in the process.
This means that your Eliquid boxes are completely made in one place, with lower costs and timeframes. We have total control over the quality, and we make sure to deliver flawless boxes.

We pride ourselves on having more than 5000 happy clients that recommend us. We have the chance to work with top local brands, and we love it.

Your E Liquid packaging box will be created by a team of professionals with over 29 years of experience. You will have a dedicated expert for contact and consultation. Once your project starts, you will be able to monitor everything in our friendly admin panel from the website.

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