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Short Run Boxes

You’re ready to get your product on the market and start selling and making a profit. The only thing you need is ordering your custom packaging.

Most printing companies demand that you order tens of thousands of boxes when you don’t need more than a few hundred to test your product. Giant quantities make printing more profitable for the printing companies, but that means increased prices for you.

We have a solution. We offer short-run packaging printing so you can get the same high-quality products, without ordering more than you need. We give each order the same professional approach, regardless of quantity, so you can relax knowing that even your limited quantity products will be a hit.

Let’s find out more about how we can meet your short-run printing needs.

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Short Run vs Long Run Boxes

Short-Run Printed Boxes Vs. Long-Run

The traditional printing industry is often associated with large scale printing presses, giant rolls of paper, and delicate mechanical setups. This makes professional printing very time-consuming, implying raised costs and needing long production runs – by the hundreds of thousands of units at once – just to make it profitable.

Our mission is to make professional packaging accessible to anyone.

Our systems are set up in such a way that we can produce with ease 20,000 boxes at once or 250 boxes with no impact on quality.

Here's how:

How We Make Small Quantities Possible

Our Short-Run Printing Approach

We wanted to optimize our processes so we can print fewer boxes at once, but still keep our prices fair for every type of business, so the small local business with smaller budgets can thrive among the business giants.

At YourBoxSolution we make short-run boxes a reality for you. Together with an amazing engineering team, we are constantly developing automated processes and machines that machines and robots can print, cut, laminate & assemble a box with close-to-zero-intervention, improving the performance on each order.

This is how we’re able to offer such competitive prices for short run orders. You can order as low as 250 pieces at once and see the quality work we do in your hands.

Take a peek inside our 18,000 square ft. factory.

You don’t have to commit to thousands of boxes at once and risk being stuck with them.
At YourBoxSolution, our minimum order starts at 250 pieces. Order what you need, when you need it.

Get Your Custom Short Run Boxes

Here's How Short-Run Packaging Benefits You

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1. Affordable Market Testing

Short run printing allows you to test out different types of packaging for your products and receive feedback from your clients.

With a clear picture of your customers’ preferences, you can focus your efforts on the packaging that sells better and attract the right audience.

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2. Reduced Storage Space

Printing your boxes in short-run orders helps limit the amount of space required to house them. Forget ordering your boxes by the thousands – only order what you need, when you need it.

The boxes are shipped in flat, to save space and shipping costs.

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3. Low-Cost Production

Most manufacturers charge more for smaller orders, because the process can be more efficient and less time consuming for large orders.

The modern digital printing allows us to print less, as cost-effective as possible, and you can invest your savings elsewhere.

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4. Fast Turnaround Times

Because we don’t rely on resellers or middlemen, once your artwork is approved, we are ready to create your product.

For most jobs, it takes no more than a few days to print, process, and ship the finished product. Most orders are ready in around 7 business days.

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5. Easy Reordering

Short run boxes are ideal if you have one product that sells better than others. You can reorder a batch of our low minimum of 250 for your bestsellers and restock quickly, without committing to 20,000 units at once.

Plus, if you decide to change your design or text at a later date, you can do that easily.

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6. Combined Bulk Prices

If you place 4 orders for 250 boxes each, we’ll treat them as a 1,000 piece order and help you save up to 60% thanks to the combined bulk rate.

The combined bulk rate works perfectly if you’re using the same size box and you want specific artwork printed for each scent.

Small Quantity Boxes For Small Prices

Multiple Designs At Combined Rates

Besides the ability to order as low as 250 boxes at once, at YourBoxSolution you’ll receive a combined bulk rate if you have more than one order that uses the same box die.

For example, if you have four different scents for your soaps and need four boxes with different graphics, you can order a different box for each scent and we’ll combine the quantities as if it were one order. This means a smaller price per box for you. You can even order in varying quantities and receive a bulk rate.

Here’s how the pricing looks like for 4 different box designs that use the same SL2472 box die, in different quantities. Full color print, with a matte lamination on 19.2 SBS Paperboard.

Bulk rate for multiple versions

Regular Rate

In the scenario where we don’t take advantage of the combined bulk rate for multiple design versions, the price per box increases if the quantity ordered decreases. In other words, if you order fewer boxes, you pay more.

For your regular rate offer, where the price per one box changes depending on the quantity, the pricing breakdown looks like this:

1,500 boxes x $0.59 per box = $885.00
750 boxes x $0.69 per box = $517.50
500 boxes x $0.69 per box = $345.00
250 boxes x $1.19 per box = $297.50

Total for 3000 boxes is $1,970 or an average of $0.65 per box.

Bulk Quantity Rate

The advantage of the bulk quantity rate is that we’ll calculate the price per box starting from the total number of boxes you need, regardless if they are in different quantities. The pricing for 3000 units using the same die and paper options like in our regular rate example is $0.49 per box.

For each additional design, there is a $18 fee.

The pricing looks like this:

3,000 boxes x $0.49 per box = $1,470.00
3 Additional Designs x $18 = $54

Total for 3000 boxes is $1,524 or an average of $0.51 per box.

*pricing varies depending on die, finishes, extras and paperboard. For an accurate quote, please get in touch.

Savings icon

With the combined bulk rate prices, You save $446.
All you have to do is use the same die and combining the design versions into one order.

If you’d like to find out more about our multiple design versions, custom colors & dies, we have explained them at length in the small quantity boxes page.


How To Customize Your Short Run Orders

Embellishments On Short Run Boxes

Just because you're having a smaller order, that doesn't mean we can’t give your boxes the same professional treatment as for any other large quantity order. You can give your boxes the looks of a million-dollar business with hot foil stamping, embossing, debossing, and silver printing.

You can read more here about box papers, coatings and extra finishes.

Short Run Custom Box

Coatings, Laminates & Materials

While most competitors apply coatings only for large orders, YourBoxSolution is the short run box company where you can get short run boxes in a glossy coating, a delicate soft touch and much more.

Our entire offer of coatings and laminates, as well as different paper options and cutouts can be applied to your boxes, even for small quantity orders.

Find out more about coatings, laminates and materials we offer as well as explore the possibilites you have with kraft paperboard and more. When you’re ready to bring your box to life, get in touch for a quote.

Coatings and laminates
Measuring your box

Ordering Your First Short Run Boxes

How To Measure Your Short Run Box

Now that you’re getting closer to ordering your first batch of custom short run boxes for your product, you will need to find out the dimension of the product that goes inside the box.

After measuring the three dimensions, you’ll be able to search for your box in our library of existing dies and place your order.

For a step-by-step explanation, check out our complete guide on how to measure your box.

If you’re ready to launch your product on the market with packaging that really makes it shine, but don’t want to stock up on thousands of boxes, we’re here to help. Get in touch with one of our friendly box experts and we’ll find the best solution for your business.

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