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Small Quantity Boxes

If you are looking for the best quality packaging for your products, you’re probably expecting to make a huge investment. If you got lucky and eventually found a budget-friendly offer, perhaps you are afraid you’ll be forced to order thousands of boxes to secure a decent rate.

We understand how big a step this is and we’re here to help. At YourBoxSolution we strive to offer the best of all worlds, giving you the ability to order small quantity boxes, in multiple design options at bulk rate prices, and you can design your very own custom box with specialty inks.

Scroll down to learn about all the advantages we’re offering you. We’re here to serve.

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Small Quantity, as low as 250 boxes

Minimums As Low As 250 Pieces

Small Quantity Boxes & Labels

One of the biggest things that sets us apart from the rest of the box manufacturers is our low minimum quantity order. Because we make everything in-house and don’t rely on resellers or middlemen, at YourBoxSolution our minimums start at just 250 pieces.

Although some print and packaging manufacturers have minimums as low as 1 piece, the costs are outrageous. At 250 pieces, we are able to produce high-quality custom fully printed boxes and labels and offer unbeatable prices.

Click on the following link if you're interested in exploring the benefits of short-run vs long run boxes.


How Low Minimums Help Your Business Long-Term

Less Storage

Small quantity orders help limit the amount of space required to house your packaging orders. Only order what you need, when you need it. The boxes are shipped flat - save space & shipping costs.

Less Storage with flat shipping

More Personalized Variations

Short-run printing allows you to personalize small batches of boxes and labels with their own barcode, different scents & color variations, and even different materials and embellishments.

Personalized variations

Short-Run Seasonal Packaging

You can create high quality boxes for a specific holiday, cause, or targeted audience without being stuck with thousands of leftover boxes. Specialized packaging at fair prices starts with us.

Seasonal Packaging

Let us help you with your boxes and labels and you’ll limit your waste, keep your budget on the line and enjoy the best in the packaging industry.

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Take advantage of bulk rates with

Multiple Design Versions

If you have different products that use the same container and would like to have specific artwork printed for each scent or variation, this is a great option for you.

We understand that certain products sell more than others and that you’ll need to stock more boxes for certain products and less for others. YourBoxSolution allows you to order separate quantities (as low as 250 pieces) for each product and avoid overstock and obsolescence.

You can even order in varying quantities and still receive a combined bulk rate.

Key Benefits

  • Efficient production workflow allows for a minimum of 250 boxes
  • Combined bulk price point for multiple design versions of same box
  • Order varying quantities and still receive a combined bulk rate
  • Print individual product details on each box and eliminate the cost of labels
  • Avoid overstocking
Benefits of small quantity boxes

Common Applications

  • You have multiple products
  • You are using the same box type and size
  • You want a consistent look on all boxes
  • You don’t have space to house large packaging orders
  • You want to avoid waste and get rid of leftover boxes
Common application of small quantity boxes

Here Is An Example Of How A Combined Bulk Rate Works

Let’s say you have 4 different designs, and you're looking to order a total of 3000 boxes of our SL2472 box. You’re looking for a full color print, with a matte lamination on 19.2 SBS Paperboard.

You need different quantities from each of your products, to maximize your better sellers vs. the slower ones. So you're looking to print 1500 boxes for design 1, 750 boxes for design 2, 500 for design 3 and 250 boxes for a product you're just testing out.

Let’s take a look at the pricing below and see how our bulk pricing helps you save.

Regular Rate

In the scenario where we don’t take advantage of the combined bulk rate for multiple design versions, the price per box increases if the quantity ordered decreases. In other words, if you order fewer boxes, you pay more.

For your regular rate offer, where the price per one box changes depending on the quantity, the pricing breakdown looks like this:

1,500 boxes x $0.59 per box = $885.00
750 boxes x $0.69 per box = $517.50
500 boxes x $0.69 per box = $345.00
250 boxes x $1.19 per box = $297.50

Total for 3000 boxes is $1,970 or an average of $0.65 per box.

Bulk Quantity Rate

The advantage of the bulk quantity rate is that we’ll calculate the price per box starting from the total number of boxes you need, regardless if they are in different quantities. The pricing for 3000 units using the same die and paper options like in our regular rate example is $0.49 per box.

For each additional design, there is a $18 fee.

The pricing looks like this:

3,000 boxes x $0.49 per box = $1,470.00
3 Additional Designs x $18 = $54

Total for 3000 boxes is $1,524 or an average of $0.51 per box.

*pricing varies depending on die, finishes, extras and paperboard. For an accurate quote, please get in touch.

Savings icon

You save $446 by using the same die and combining the design versions into one order.

Take control of your inventory and get small quantity boxes in various designs at a combined bulk price.
One of our box experts will tailor your order to minimize waste so you’ll never have to worry about unused boxes.

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Custom Cutting Dies

How Boxes Are Made

Boxes are made using a cutting die. A cutting die is a metal tool that cuts out the box shape from the paper it’s printed on. The die has a matching design template that helps you design your box. After the design is printed on the paper, the cutting die cuts out the printed box, and the first step is done.

Besides the 2000+ library of box dies and templates that you can use for free, custom dies can be created for you. They can be made in any shape, size, and can have custom cutouts too.

You can design your box exactly as you’ve imagined it and rest assured that we can print it just like that.

Cutting dies on shelf

Custom size? One-Time Custom Die Fee.

In case you can't find your exact dimensions in our die library where you can search for your box, you can opt-in for a completely custom die made for you.

The one-time fee for a custom cutting die is $150. Our competitors hide the fee of the custom dies in the final bill and call it free. We’re fully transparent with our prices and processes, and this is a price you only pay once. Creating a custom die requires a structural design process and the metal-building process.

Once your custom cut die is created, you no longer have to worry about any extra charges. You can reorder anytime with your custom die template, update your artwork, colors, or create multiple versions as your company continues to grow.

Cutting dies template

How Colors Are Made

Color Matching & Specialty Inks

Have you ever noticed that when you print something from your computer, the colors you see on the screen are not the same as the ones coming out of the printer? That’s because screens and printers render colors differently.

The RBG Spectrum

Computer monitors, digital cameras and all digital devices use red, green and blue (RGB) light to display color. In one pixel (a dot) there are actually 3 dots. One Red, on Green and one Blue. Aided by a white light that shines from the back of the panel, you see the vivid colors displayed on your screen.

CMYK printing

Colors on any printed materials are made with cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK) ink. The CMYK printing (called process printing) produces a different range of colors compared to the RGB spectrum. In one printed dot, the 4 colors are overlayed on top of each other creating the final color.

CMYK limitations

The CMYK system delivers fantastic results most of the times, but because the colors are mixed by the printing presses as they print, some color variations can appear from one run to another. When a color is difficult or needs to be precise, we have two solutions.

RGB colors CMYK colors

1. Free Color Matching

When it comes to ordering boxes, folding cartons, labels or any of our other printed products, and having the same exact color on the packaging is crucial - you can opt for a process called Color Matching.

Color Matching is a free service that we offer with all of our brands. With a physical example of the color(s) you would like, our production team is able to adjust our printers to get as close of a match as possible.

Here's how:

1. Identify the color you want

Locate a sample that clearly shows the color you want. This can be a previous box, a sample of your current packaging, or one of your products.

Color matching process step 1

2. Give us instructions

Make sure you leave us a note or a sign so we’ll know what what color(s) you would like us to match. Include your name, business name, address and email.

Color matching process step 2

3. Mail in your color sample

Send it to our production plant:
2095 Laura Street
Springfield, OR 97477

Color matching process step 3

2. Specialty Inks

If the CMYK printing process doesn’t offer the exact color, shade, or brightness you would like, the second solution is called specialty ink. Specialty ink is an ink that is reformulated to achieve a hue that a standard CMYK color couldn’t.

The bright orange boxes that you see in the image is what our customer wanted to achieve. They were having a difficult time finding a print company that could print their exact color. This was because standard CMYK colors are not able to combine and create the exact hue they were looking for.

To solve this, we ordered a specialty ink of the specific PMS color (Pantone Matching System) that they needed for this specific logo. PMS inks are already mixed before printing begins, and this offers a consistent coloWe now have this specialty ink in-house for this company and we are prepared for any reorder, new box design, or new artwork that may require this specific color.

Specialty ink printed on box

Obtaining high-quality packaging has never been easier and more affordable.

Get in touch for unbeatable small quantity boxes, in multiple design versions and full-color printing from an authentic USA company.

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