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Candle Labels – Tips On Creating Your Perfect Labels

Candle labels

When we say candles, it takes a little less than a second for our minds to evoke an image, a feeling, or a fragrance. In fact, the very first thing that might come to our mind can be certain candle labels. Right?

This small detail has such a strong effect.

Actually, candle labels are the most important element in your branding process.

A candle label is your business card. It’s how you present yourself and your product to customers – your brand’s miniature image. Not to mention it’s going to be right in front of their eyes after they buy your candles.

In today’s post, I’ll give you a brief overview of the matters below:

Let’s start with the importance of candle labels. After all, understanding this will make it easier for you to design them.

Here we go…

1. Why Do Candles Need Labels And Why Are They Important?

We’ve seen that candles come in all sorts of containers. Some are quite unusual, like wood bark, shells, or coconut shells. Some are plain, like a transparent glass or jar.

Anyway, their colors and scents are so inviting, promising nice moments. Imagine yourself in front of a store shelf, sniffing the delicious fragrances. It’s hard to resist the impulse of buying. The same goes for online shopping. The visual impact almost makes us click the order button.

But wait!

candle store - smell candle

Would we actually buy or order something that we don’t know anything about, only because it smells or looks good?

The answer is almost always no. We need a guarantee that it’s worth spending our money on. To have some details about it would be great.

Similarly, your customers prefer to buy candles that have labels. Because at least they know what they are buying.

Candle Labels Inform About Your Brand and Product

Applying a label to your candles offers buyers useful information.

Candle label Burkelman

By YBS for Burkelman

It shows them WHO made the candle. It also points out WHAT are its characteristics or ingredients. Even more, it informs about the burning time and on HOW it’s best to use it. Plus other relevant details that I’ll mention further on in the article.

In this way, customers trust their money is well spent and their experience will be priceless.

But there’s more than that…

Labels Add More Value to Your Candles’ Aesthetics

Labels also add more to the looks of your product. It makes a huge difference to stick a catchy label or wrap a nice tag around candles instead of selling them in a plain container.

Colored custom packaging labels with an appealing design can create the exact visual impact you need.

Have a look at the two pictures below and compare them. What do you think?

Plain candle jar

This transparent candle jar looks nice, clean. You can always watch the flame burning inside and see how much candle is left. But isn’t it a little too bland?  

Two blue and white containers of candles with a butterfly designed on the label.

Have a look at Collingwood‘s candle label instead. Amazing artwork! Gold foil printed white label with 2-color typography and butterfly image. Neat, elegant, special.

A label is an elegant detail, a final touch, as well as a message about your brand and values. But it’s not only a beauty enhancer for your candle collection.

Do you remember I said it was your business card?

Here’s why…

Candle Labels Make Your Brand More Visible

Think about the buyers in a local shop. The shelves are full of so many types of candles. Some stand out more, some stand out less. But candles with labels will always stand out more

How much? It all depends on the candle design and packaging. We’ve talked about How Candle Packaging Impacts Your Business in our previous article.

We know that people buy candles for different uses. And this is the first criteria in choosing what type of candle they want. They can be looking for pillar candles for a nice dinner. Or some cute scented tealights for office or home relaxation. They can also buy candles as a final touch to their home décor.

Whatever the reason, they want to have a quick insight into the experience they will get. Smelling a candle, for example, can help them decide. 

But what will definitely put your candles in the customers’ basket? A professional and enticing label design.

Not only will the customers learn details about the candle. They will also see who produced it. Make sure your custom labels show your NAME or LOGO clearly.

This is what your customers will have in front of their eyes all the time. When they buy your candle, it’s there. When they find a nice spot for it at home, catching a glimpse every time they pass by, it’s there. While they burn it and relax, it’s there.

To put it another way:
The label does a great part of the marketing work for you every time the customer or anyone else sees it. So a label is your fancy business card applied to the candle. It speaks about you and the quality inside the product.

Labels Make Reordering Super Easy

Now, besides looks and usefulness, let’s talk about numbers.

A quality product will always sell well. Satisfied customers will want to buy it again and again. Some might even want to purchase back-ups. Or try different fragrances of the same line.

Make it easy for them to get in touch and reorder. Print your website, email, phone number, or selling point on the candle labels.

As your sales will go up, satisfied buyers will turn into loyal customers.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? But this is not all. 

Next, I’ll talk about important aspects to consider when you plan the text for your candle labels.

Let’s dive in.

2. What Information Should I Include on my Candle Labels?

Earlier, I mentioned that one of the purposes of labels was to inform.

Have a look at the list below. This is the usual basic information that appears on candle labels. Choose which ones fit best with your own artwork:

As you can see, you don’t have to include all the points above. After all, a label should not be too busy. Pick the ones that are relevant to you and your label design.

Candle boxes offer more space for information. So you and your design team can play a little with ideas. You’ll decide which information goes where. Make sure that the essentials are extra visible and clear.

We’ll take a sneak peek at some catchy design ideas in a minute. But before we move on, there’s something you should know:

Warnings and Fire-Safety Recommendations should always be present on your labels!

Let me elaborate.

Warning Labels - A Must For Safety

Candles are the symbol of light and the perfect way to set the mood. But they are also considered a potential health and safety hazard. An open flame is always a good reason to be concerned.

The National Fire Protection Association issued a report stating that around 7,610 home fires per year started because of candles during 2014 and 2018. 

In this light, it’s always best to adhere to industry standards and meet the candle labeling requirements.

This certifies you are a reputable company and you care about people’s safety and experience. And it’s the best way to maintain your image on the market.

In other words, all your candles should have a warning or caution label. And the National Candle Association’s recommendations should be on it. Plus, extra instructions on how to burn the candle properly. This will keep you legally safe without a doubt. 

And it’s also a guarantee that you go all the way in providing a nice and safe experience to your customers.


You don’t have to worry about the looks and design of your product. Warning labels are usually applied underneath the candle or on a separate tag. In this way, they contain all proper information to make consumers aware.

It’s your choice how you want to display them, as long as you make sure you apply them.

Now, let’s see what are NCA’s three mandatory safety precautions that must appear on candle labels. You can place them under the title “Warning” or “Caution”:


If you prefer to use images instead of words, it’s easy. You can replace the specifications with the three icons. Or you can have both.

Plus, you can add extra warnings under “Burning Instructions”, such as:

For more information and inspiration, have a look at NCA’s article on How to Burn a Candle Safely.

Based on the shape and design of your candle labels, you can also add the following info, if space allows it:

  • Bar code
  • Candle manufacturing place
  • Type of candle
  • Company’s address, website, email
  • Net weight

This said, unwind your creativity and pour it right into your candle line design. Don’t worry about the rest. Later on in the article I’ll tell you how and where you can print your premium candle labels 

In the meantime, stay with me. We’re going to dive into some nice artwork.

3. Candle Label Design Ideas

There are many types of candles on the market (e.g. votive candles, pillar candles, tealights, etc.). This means that each type of candle needs a different kind of packaging and labeling.

So based on the candles you’re selling, you’ll have to make different label designs. Yet, they have to be cohesive and match the design of your entire line.
“…candles are used mainly for their aesthetic value and scent, particularly to set a soft, warm, or romantic ambiance, for emergency lighting during electrical power failures, and for religious or ritual purposes.” (Wikipedia)

Now, let’s have a look at some ideas for candle labels. And if your super fabulous design isn’t ready yet, you might get struck by inspiration.

Candle Labels for Jars

Jar candles are the most popular ones in the U.S.A.

The advantage for customers is that they are safer while they burn. And there’s no melted wax around them either. They’re clean.

The advantage for you, as a manufacturer, is that you have more space to apply the labelA large jar, for example, is like a blank canvas ready to receive your artwork. This allows you to use the space in so many ways. Printing images included.

Plus, your label can be big with wide and clear typography that sticks out a mile. And, of course, designing a large candle label means you can add more information on it.

If you’re thinking about what would go on your gel candles, I’ll shed some light on it. Or maybe you have some other uniquely designed candles that you want buyers to see inside the jars. A small or clear label can do the trick.

Or you can leave the container’s surface without any labels. In this case, wrap a nice tag around its neck and stick the label on the lid. That’s very effective, too. Especially if your jar is transparent and you want the special design of the candle to show through.


John Lewis showcases the special winter collection gel candle

Transparent jar with a metallic lid that reads "Woodfire Candle Company".

Woodfire Candle Company chose a vintage look label for their jar candles’ lids

Moreover, a jar offers more choices for the shape of the candle label. It can be round, oval, rectangular, or customized to your preference.


Round matte white label applied to contrast the black jar from Shearer Candles

Special cinnamon candle-label

Special effect of the clear label with particular print from Bath & Body Works   

A black candle jar with a golden design.

Custom shaped gold foil label on Trudon candle

Two candle jars with metal lids and white labels that read "Wicks N' More".

Wick’s N’ More’s round and rectangular glossy silver labels look perfect on the jars

What’s YOUR preference for jar candle labels?

Candle Labels for Tins

The difference with tins is that they are usually much smaller. There’s less space, so you’ll have to plan the design accordingly. The label can go on the container, on the lid, or on both.

However, a minimalist design doesn’t mean the candle label will be less eye-catching.

Votive Candle Labels

If you’re selling your votive candles loose, this means each will have a label applied directly to the candle body.

In this case, it’s super important that the label material is high-quality and adheres perfectly to the candle. It must have a good grip and not fall off after a while. Also, make sure it’s waterproof and thermoresistant.

Or… If you pack your natural beeswax candles in kraft boxes, for example, you’ll have to apply a catchy label on the box. And if you add some nice decorative elements, too, you take it to the next level. 

Pillar Candle Labels

Pillar candles are the perfect choice for a fancy dinner, a celebration event, or a nice evening home ambiance.

You may be wondering how you could make them stand out. As easy as for the votive candles. 

Apply an enticing but heat resistant label on them. They are already much more elegant. Don’t you think?

Decorative and Luxury Candle Labels

They are always candy for the eye and temptation for the senses.

Let’s have a look at the stunning examples below.

Vintage Candle Labels

Poured in vintage holders or having vintage labels, there’s always something about these candles. A rustic elegance. A fragrance from the past…

Personalized Candle Labels

Do you have a limited edition collection? Is it connected to Christmas, Halloween, or other holidays? A special theme

A good way to win your customers’ hearts is to let them know that you can make personalized labels. Surprise them for their wedding or birthday with unique and spectacular candle labels.

4. Design Your Professional Candle Labels

Having a look at what’s on the market may give you a neat idea about the big picture. And about the trends when you start designing your labels. Mainly if you’re new in the business.

You may have found a few ideas that could work for your labels in the examples above.

But below are some important aspects I recommend considering before you start.

Keep on reading…

Create an Unforgettable Image for Your Brand

First, define your business values. They will set your target market.

Does your business have a MISSION or CORE VALUES that you want to share with the world?

Are you committed to producing only natural candles made of beeswax or soy wax? Are you supporting and directing funds to beekeeping communities or other social projects? Or maybe you’re using 100% biodegradable materials for your branded candle boxes.

These or others can be your business guidelines. Anyway, your target market and buyers will become clear once you define who you are. And what products you make.

If none of the above suggestions applies to you, search and find which niche you want your candles to target.

Second, be TRUTHFULL all the time. Let customers know what your candles contain. Put the ingredients on the label. It’s a sign of goodwill and customers will surely appreciate it.

Plus, you stay protected against legal issues. You never know what certain substances or essential oils might cause people to react. 

Third, remember that CONSISTENCY is very important. Think of the whole product branding. You may sell different collections or even personalized candles. But always make sure that they are cohesive with the rest of the line.

You want your customers to recognize your candles anytime. Even if you put out for sale a special limited edition for the holidays.

Next, consider your competition and your points of sale.

Have a look at what your competitors are doing. Shape your ideas about the trends, demand, and the whole candle market in general. 

You can use this information to choose colors or fonts that no one used before, for example. You know what I mean. Find original ways to make your brand stand out. But at the same time, make sure it represents you.

Last, your POINTS OF SALE can make your sales go up or down. If selling online, an outstanding brand perception will do the trick. If you’re selling in shops, think of how you can make the candles stand out from the multitude of candles displayed.
Hint: Put yourself in the place of the customer. Think about how a label should look to convince you to buy the candle. What would actually make you take it? That’s a good point to start.

Use everything to your advantage. Make a candle label that’s candy to the eye. For more tips on candle packaging, check these 11 Easy Steps To Create Perfect Packaging For Your Products.

Offer a Meaningful Experience to Your Customers

From the first step of the process and until the candle arrives at the end-user, it’s all worth the effort. If your customers get meaningful experiences, they’ll get back to you.

Candles are connected to emotions. And consumers seek products that evoke specific feelings. Here’s when you can tap into their emotions and not only as a marketing strategy. Go deeper.

If you show customers that you put your heart into your business and make them feel special, they’ll connect to you. So you’re the alchemist here.

But wait, there’s more. 

We talked about ideas, design, and magical experiences.

Now let’s see how you can actually get those labels on your candles.

Don’t stop reading.

5. How to Determine the Correct Size for Your Candle Labels

Before choosing the style, material and other printing options, you have to determine the size of your labels. How large or small will they be?

Finding the right label measurement is quite easy and I’ll show you below how to do it:

Option 1.

  • Take a paper ruler. It’s flexible and easy to use 
  • Apply it on the candle container
  • Measure the space where you want to apply the label
  • Write down the desired length and width

Option 2.

  • Draw different label shapes (or find some online)
  • Print various sizes
  • Apply them to the candle container
  • Decide which size fits best
  • Write down the length and width
A hand drawing shapes with a black pencil.

Option 3.

  • Take a piece of paper
  • Wrap it around the candle container
  • Mark the spots where the label edges will be
  • Use the scissors and cut along your marks
  • Use a ruler to measure the paper label
  • Write down the length and width
A black pencil and a gray ruler on a opened agenda.

6. Where to Print Your Custom Candle Labels

Your hard work deserves to be carefully turned into perfect candle labels. And this with a small budget and a quick turnaround.

At YourBoxSolution we made this our mission. We’ve been standing by our clients for over 29 years. And we’re here to focus on your needs.

We can help you create enticing candle labels that are both professional and durableOur high quality materials ensure that your labels are strong, waterproof, and thermoresistant.

Have a look below at what we offer.

Label Types

We deliver our labels on rolls or as sheets. This depends on the size of the labels and the quantity you need. Our minimum is as low as 250 pieces. Does this work for your limited edition? We guarantee you don’t break your budget.

White Labels

Printed on white film. Any color can be printed on top of the white ink.

Perfect for any type of candle container.

White labels

Clear Labels

Printed on transparent background film. Illusion of an “invisible label”.

Perfect for special design candles in transparent jars.

Clear labels

Metallic Labels

Printed on a silver substrate. Makes all printed colors appear metallic.

Luxurious effect with visual impact guaranteed.

Metallic labels

Label Shapes

Choose the shape you want or tell us more about your design project.

Anything you need, we got it!

Circular or Oval Labels

Circular label

Rectangular or Square Labels

Square label template that displays the width and length.

Custom Shaped Labels

Custom shape label

Label Coatings and Finishes

Coatings and finishes are the perfect choice to add something special to your labels and make them stand out from the crowd.

All our labels are finished with a gloss or matte laminate for FREE. This means extra customization to add more value to your candles.

Gloss Laminated Labels (FREE)

A shiny finish and a very reflective surface to the label area.

Glossy coating labels

Matte Laminated Labels (FREE)

A subtle, non-glossy lamination, perfect if you prefer a worn-out look.

Matte labels

Soft Touch Laminated Labels

Creates a shine-free surface, offering a smooth feel and elegant looks. 

"Wild Tonic Kombucha" label on a blue container.

Extra Options

Gold foil is the way to a high-end look. Your luxury collection, the candle gift box packaging, or your Christmas edition candles will simply shine. Whatever type of label you choose to use, hot foiling will turn it into something special.

Gold foil label showing a crown and writing.

Gold Foil Labels

The gold foil is applied to the label surface using heat, and any design can be foil stamped. Anyway, we recommend that your finest details are no smaller than 1 point, to achieve fine foil areas. Learn all about foil stamping in our guide.

Get your premium candle labels fast and at fair prices.

We’re one phone call or click away.

Let us help you shine your light and make a positive impact on the world!