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CBD Labels Packaging For Your Business


Labels are everywhere and on almost any product on the market. In various forms, shapes, and styles and combined with different types of packaging, labels promote, attract, and sell.

Studies suggest that a brand’s success has a lot to do with the product’s presentation. So, in the CBD industry, producers or retailers selling products containing cannabidiol rely on CBD labels and packaging to grab attention and encourage buyers to buy their goodies.

A well-designed label not only attracts potential customers but can convince undecided ones to buy a product. It can even be the reason people switch between brands, as they find one more appealing than the other.

Investing in CBD labels for your packaging is like investing in your salesperson. Labeling is an essential part of the marketing process, playing a crucial role in building brand identity, increasing sales, and gaining customer loyalty.

Let’s dive into how labels and packaging help your business, what makes an attractive label, and see if anything out there can inspire you.

Here we go.

CBD Labels & Packaging - Your Marketing Tool At Hand

While books should not be judged by their cover, your products surely will. It’s the harsh truth, but I’m sure we’ve all been there. The more appealing or expensive a label or a box looked, the more our eyes sparkled with interest. Am I right?

It’s science; it’s marketing; it’s the way the world spins, you name it. But it’s definitely something to keep in mind when you design and print your CBD labels & packaging.

Labeling is a useful marketing tool and can set you up for success!

Here’s how.

1. Eye-catching CBD labels & packaging grab customer attention

The way you deliver your product to the marketplace and the way your packaging looks will influence how customers perceive your product and whether they want to buy it or not. Think carefully about the materials, textures, shapes, colors, and graphics you wish to use.
A dark container with a blue logo on a wooden surface engraved with the word "Bloom".
Actually, think like a customer would. Be the customer. How would you like the product in your hands to look and feel to make you buy it? You can go into one of your favorite stores and see which packaging impacts you and why.
This role-play has helped many come up with some brilliant ideas. It all starts with eye-contact. 

So the catch is: if your CBD labels & packaging stand out, customers will spot your product among many others on the shelves. Then, naturally, they’ll grab it to have a closer look.

And this is when they’ll feel the quality of the label and packaging, they’ll see the colors, the graphics, and what’s written on it.

At this point the magic happens.

2. Turn attention into interest

Customers will read what’s written on your CBD labels & packaging.
Usually, labels are relatively small to include too many details, but a box can provide much more space for you to talk about your product, give instructions for use, and any other useful information.
And the way you do it builds customer interest. So, use both labels and packaging to your advantage.
YBS packaging for Hummingbird Botanicals
Side panel of HB hemp oil box

Print the story behind your product. Or tell customers how and why you started, for example.

Don’t be shy in telling them what recommends you as a good and reliable manufacturer. Or maybe your values and mission are something you want to share.

Make them curious and fascinated!

And there’s more.

3. Create desire for your product

Establish an emotional connection. Reassure customers that your product is the right choice. What are the benefits if they use it?

Tell them in what way you meet their needs if they choose you.

Let’s have a look at the chocolate packaging below. It says that all ingredients are organic, gluten-free, and vegan, which is essential information for many people with organic and healthy-eating lifestyles.

But that’s not all, customers are promised “a dose of vitality” which sounds so…“Yeah, I definitely need that!” Well… Who doesn’t?

Black and orange package for a CBD chocolate bar from Vital Leaf.
YBS chocolate packaging for Vital Leaf
Red label with details, instructions, and ingredients of a CBD chocolate from Vital Leaf.
Back panel of chocolate bar box

The panels of a CBD label are relatively small to overcrowd them with too much information, or tiny typography.

But on a box, for example, you can print on one, two, or all panels. It’s up to you.

Plus, the top flap is so perfect for your logo, don’t you think?

YBS packaging for Hawaiian Choice
YBS packaging for Canamo Concentrates

Keep reading as we dive even deeper.

What Makes CBD Labels Appealing

There’s great competition out there. Brands and products in the cannabis industry pop up constantly. So the key is to make an excellent first impression and one that lasts. In this specific industry, trust is vital and having powerful branding helps establish it.

Go for quality – quality materials, quality design, quality printing, quality everything – never compromise on it.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when designing your labels:

1. Choose an efficient size for your CBD labels

Getting the size right is the first step towards making a professional label. It shouldn’t be too small, nor too big for your container. 

A yellow ruler followed by two gray ones.

It shouldn’t be too small, nor too big for your container. 

A 0.5 ml dropper bottle will most likely have a small and minimalist label, whereas a CBD coffee bag can go with large labels – and on both sides, if you want.

The dimensions depend on what you’re selling and the type and size of the packaging (e.g., bottles, bags, jars, etc.).

So measuring your container beforehand and writing down the correct height and width is a rule-of-thumb. Don’t assume; work with numbers.

Your printing partner will ask for the exact size in inches or centimeters. And what you give is what you get.

A label that’s too big, covering the entire packaging, with wrinkled or overlapping edges is not what you have in mind, is it?

And to add to that…

2. The material of the CBD labels matters

Most labels are printed on paper, PVC (polyvinyl chloride), and PE (polyethylene), depending mainly on the use, storage, and transportation.

Paper labels may suit your needs if applied to cardboard packaging that is not exposed to weather conditions or frequent handling. You can apply them on shipping packaging, shelf-ready packaging, or display boxes. Paper can also go for sealing labels to provide secure tamper protection for products.


However, by far, the best choice for labels applied on products such as CBD oils or tinctures, foods, and cosmetics are the PVC and PE labels. They are much more resistant and can withstand harsh conditions.

They are waterproof, oilproof, scratch-resistant, UV-resistant, tear-resistant, and I can go on with the list of advantages.

In any case, these materials are the perfect candidates for your CBD labels as they last and remain intact.

Oil or cream leaked out? No problem. Customers can easily wash and wipe it off, and there it is, the label looks brand new again. 

Plus, PVC and PE labels can be coated and laminated for extra protection and a unique look (UV coating, spot gloss coating, gloss lamination, matte lamination, etc.). Each of these finishes will send a message about your brand and product.


The feel of a matte or soft-touch lamination on your CBD labels can make customers imagine and associate how their skin will feel if they use your CBD face cream, for example.


If you want to be transparent in all ways and showcase your tincture or face serum, apply a clear label on the bottle or container. This will spotlight the contents as you let people know and see what they are using.


Metallic labels have a more daring approach instead. They can suggest either a light effect of the product or an electrifying experience. Also, the metallic effect can be obtained through foil stamping, perfect for emphasizing a logo or design element.

Some companies prefer going 100% eco-friendly and sustainable, and want to show and attract customers who share the same values. In this case, Kraft labels make the best choice. The brown, earthy paper and textured material embody nature and give a homemade or rustic look.


3. Your colors + images

It’s no secret that most companies use color psychology in their branding process and to design their product’s label. Colors send a message and influence people’s emotions. Consequently, the colors you use will influence how they perceive your brand.


For example, green symbolizes nature and evokes harmony, reliability, balance. Orange goes for vitality, optimism, fun. Blue suggests trust, honesty, and safety.

So choose colors representing your brand, your product, and that best convey your message to the world.

The color wheel can help you understand how colors work and match.

Contrast allows color and text to appeal to customers. Combining a light/dark background with a dark/light text makes the label visually appealing. Plus, contrast also makes design elements pop, like your logo, the product’s name, or images.

Speaking about images –  consumers can easily remember and associate them with brands.

Imagine for a moment that a customer bought your product for the first time, was pleased with it, and wants to repurchase it.

But sadly, they can’t remember the name of your brand or what was written on the label.

Instead, they remember the graphics or image they saw on it, and they can quickly identify your product on the shelves.

A black box and a container with a label that shows an orange koi fish.

4. CBD labels with your visible logo and brand name

Make your logo and brand name as visible as possible on your CBD labels and let it wink to customers even from afar. After all, you want them to know who you are. 

We know that word of mouth is powerful, so it’s enough that one of your fans spreads the story about how good your product is, and many more will rush to try it. They’ll be looking for your name, so let them find your product easily.

But that’s not all.

5. Typography

The type of fonts you use and their size is as important as the other graphic elements. It can make the whole design pleasant to the eye.

YourBoxSolution packaging for Fourmile

Plus, what you want is the customers to be able to read the information easily.

Yet, you might have to abide by specific labeling regulations when it comes to typeface and dimensions for your CBD labels.

The FDA sets these regulations based on whether your product is a dietary supplement, a food, or a cosmetic.

Here’s what FDA suggests that companies use:

So, before you start your graphic design work for your CBD labels, we highly recommend referring to the FDA’s labeling guides. Better go safe than sorry. Mislabeling and having your products withdrawn from the market is no fun at all.

6. Essential and legally required information

The popularity of CBD products has risen. And so did the number of customers who educated themselves to verify brands, claims, and customer reviews.

Appealing CBD labels and packaging sounds good. But what really keeps customers loyal and satisfied is transparency and reliability.

If they can trust you, they’ll stick with you. The counterfeit market for CBD products is enormous. Companies are making unverified health claims and mislabel their products.

That’s why you must make sure you don’t forget to list the following information on your CBD labels and packaging:

  • Amount of active CBD per serving
  • Net weight
  • Full spectrum CBD, broad spectrum CBD, or isolate
  • Ingredients
  • Nutrition facts
  • Suggested product use
  • Manufacturer or distributor name
  • Batch or date code
Of course, you may need to add some more information depending on how your product is classified:

Also, you can read more about the info on CBD labels in our previous article about How To Create Appealing and Compliant CBD Labels.

7. CBD labels consistent with brand identity

Brand loyalty starts with consumers becoming loyal to your product. And each product is a small part of the big picture, which, of course, is your overall brand and image.

While your custom CBD labels display your product’s uniqueness, they also convey your brand identity through a consistent color palette and font.

These two help customers easily recognize your product and repurchase it.

Take time to pick the proper messaging and emotion you want your label to express.

Multiple Design Versions Of Your CBD Labels

Most of the companies sell different types of CBD products as well as variations of the same kind. For example, CBD oils, cosmetics, or edibles with different flavors or scents. 

While keeping consistency throughout the brand, you need to print specific artwork for each version of the same CBD product. Especially if the containers are the same (e.g., same kind of bottles).

The most common differentiation consists of changing the color design (e.g., green for mint flavor, yellow for vanilla, brown for chocolate, etc.).

So you can keep the same graphics but with different colors or images, or both.

This will help customers identify and remember quicker each product’s features and which they need or prefer.

The best part about multiple design versions is that digital label printing and packaging printing partners offer great flexibility for this service.

What do I mean by this?

Six small black containers with different colored labels on a beige background.

As long as your labels are all the same size and shape and you choose to have them on the same type of material with the same coatings and finishes, your printing partner will print them simultaneously and at bulk quantity rates. Which means you only pay a small additional fee for each separate design.

Plus, you can order different quantities. If you noticed that one or more of your products sell better, for sure, you’d want to have more of those on the shelves. This means more CBD labels for those specific products.

Of course, if you choose to have completely different designs or coatings for your CBD labels (like three designs with gloss laminate and one design with matte laminate), again, you’ll pay an extra fee. Either way, you save. Have a look at the advantages of bulk rates with multiple design versions that YourBoxSolution offers.

CBD Labels on Various Types Of Packaging

You might find the images below inspiring. See how different CBD labels and packaging made an impression on the market with their enticing design.

CBD labels & packaging for CBD oil and tincture bottles

Bloom Farms chose an elegant two-color design with distinctive fonts and graphics matching perfectly with the matte bottle, label, and box.


Conspicuous design that amazes through its simplicity. The white cross-shaped label on a black background – a first aid kit with healing powers.


CBD label and box matching in design, color, and material. The logo’s splash of color has great effect on the simple design of white fonts printed on fluid gray/black pattern.

A black box of CBD oil and a glass container with the product.
YourBoxSolution for Pacha Dispensary

The same matching label and box with a unique design: prominent logo, large and clear fonts, combining green/yellow/white colors on a black background.

YourBoxSolution for Cornbread Hemp Co.

CBD labels & packaging for CBD drink bottles

Coffee Method's CBD infused double espresso
Glass bottles with white labels that read "Hi-Fi Hops".
CBD infused sparkling water - Lagunitas Hi-Fi Hops

CBD labels & packaging for jars/tins

CBD salve from Precision Botanical
Three containers for healthcare products with a light blue and white label that reads "DaCrema Boranicals".
CBD products from DaCrema Botanicals
Just CBD gummies jar
Qualis-Est CBD luxury candle

Various CBD labels & packaging


Build A Powerful Brand With Quality CBD Labels & Packaging

We know you spent a lot of time and money creating a brand that looks just the way you want it to. And it’s essential that your CBD labels & packaging echo the same design cues.

What you should know is that quality packaging doesn’t have to cost a fortune. You can have high-quality and sustainable materials at competitive prices. And you can find that here, at YourBoxSolution.

We print everything in-house; we can accommodate multiple version designs, print small quantity labels & boxes (as low as 250 pieces per design), and we stand by you throughout the whole production process, from artwork to delivery.

Your success is our success, too!