Feature Friday: Bookbone

About BookBone:

BookBone is the original weighted rubber bookmark with over 100,000 sales worldwide. BookBone is a small owned and operated company out of Savannah Georgia.. BookBones are available in three bright colors; Red, Blue or Green. Cast in urethane with weights permanently molded in each end, they’re washable, stain and chemical resistant and they’ll last a lifetime. We invented them and we hand make and ship them from the U.S.A. BookBone is the Registered Trademark of Savannah Plastics.

BookBones are sold on Amazon along with over 200 retail stores around the country. BookBones are also on eBay and Sears.com.
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How did you find out about YourBoxSolution.com?

When I decided my product needed a box, I got on the internet and began searching for a supplier. I accumulated a list of exactly 21 potential firms. I then submitted a request for quote to each of these firms. Not only did you reply with a quote, you also sent me a package of box samples so I see the quality of your work. From among the 21 quotes, your quote offered me the best quantity/cost value for my needs. The combination of quantity/cost and obvious production quality put your firm at the top of my list and I placed my order with you.

What do you like most about working with YourBoxSolution?

What I like most about your company is that you told me what you would do and at what price. You did exactly that and I couldn’t be happier. As I already told you, I am very impressed with the boxes and I have received numerous compliments from my customers.


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