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Custom Foil Stamping: The Quickest Way to Oustanding Packaging

Custom foil stamping from YourBoxSolution

If you’re selling anything in a retail setting, your packaging will be the first thing your customers see. When someone sees two products from the same niche – one with a plain box and the other in a box with custom foil stamping – which one do you think they are more likely to choose?

Your guess is right – the foil stamped box! Why? Foil stamping creates instant added value to any product. It tells your customers that your product deserves the best packaging and that you’re willing to invest more for your boxes & labels because your product is that good.

Today we’re going to talk about hot foil stamping and how it helps you add a elegance, a sense of luxury and professionalism to your packaging.

Let’s learn all about it and why you’ll want to get it for your boxes as soon as possible.

1. What is Foil Stamping?

Also called foil printing, foil stamping is a printing method in which a thin sheet of metallic foil is applied to the surface of the packaging using heat and pressure.

If you’ve ever wondered how to print gold foil on your box, you must know that foil stamping requires a custom metal die and a hot stamping machine for a truly professional result.

How does foil stamping work

In the hot stamping machine, the die is heated up, and the metallic foil (usually coming from a roll) is placed between the die and the paper. When the die comes down and presses the foil onto the surface, the heat and pressure help the foil stick to the surface, leaving the metallic foil on the desired areas.

A beautiful side-result of using a metal die for stamping is that it produces a slight indent to the paper since the foil is pressed really hard with the metal die. For a truly three dimensional effect, you can also combine foil with embossing, as you’ll learn later in the post.

2. Why choose foil stamping for your boxes

Let’s agree on something: the sale begins with eye-contact.

Without favorable eye-contact (meaning your product looks better than the competition’s), your product will just get lost on the shelf.

How do you create eye-catching packaging? Well, besides effective design that you’ll need to develop by following certain steps, a quick way to catch attention is by focusing on the little details, like foil stamping your logo, for example.

Here’s why you’ll love it.

Benefits of hot foil stamping

It might sound too basic to be true, but the number one thing you want from your packaging is to stand out. Only after that, granted your message speaks to the customer and your product is what they’re looking for, they’ll buy it. 

Combining beautiful custom printed boxes with metallic foil will make your packaging pop off the shelf and catch the attention of potential customers.

Let’s see how hot foil stamping looks on different boxes and how you can achieve that high-end look for any product. 

3. Custom foil stamping options

At YourBoxSolution we use metallic foil for the foil stamping process, which can be done in various colors.

We’ve tried very hard but couldn’t find in all our pictures a product or box that looks bad with foil, no matter the color or industry. From gold foil to silver foil, copper, and all the way to holographic silver foil, they all just look fantastic.

But better let the pictures talk for themselves. Click on each picture to expand it and see the details of the foil.

Gold Foil Stamping

Silver Foil Stamping

Copper Foil Stamping & Rose Gold Foil Stamping

Holographic Silver Foil Stamping

While classic foils like gold or silver will never go out of style, holographic silver foil takes silver to another level with its colorful notes. 

Holographic foil is a metallic foil with patterns that diffract the light through all the colors of the spectrum. Watch the video to see holographic foil in action.

Colored Foil Stamping

If you’re dreaming about both foil shine and color vibrance, you can also go with colored foil.

Although we don’t stock all foil colors in-house you can chose your desired colour from our sampler. Once you’ve chosen it, we’ll order the foil roll from our trusted suppliers and use it to hot stamp your boxes.


Metallic Paper alternative for a multi-colored foiled look

You can also go with metallic paper that supports multiple colors (any color of your choosing, in fact) with no extra adjustments.

We’ll give you all the details you need to know when you request your quote and we’ll be here for your every step of the way. 

4. Foil Stamping & Coatings: Can We Do It?

In short, it’s an absolute YES!

The good news when it comes to foiling is that you’re not limited to just foilYou can combine foil stamping with different coatings and laminates, and get different results.

Let’s see some of the possibilities.

Gloss Coating & Foil

Two dark boxes foiled with gloss coating.

If you think the foiled areas do not provide enough “bling” to your box, you can make the whole box shine with a gloss finish. The gloss finish and look is obtained by either a film (called laminate) or a liquid coating (called coating).

We offer both Gloss Laminate and Gloss UV Coating. Both of them add a second layer of protection to your boxes.

Matte Laminate & Foil

Foil stamping with matte coating

The Matte Laminate gives a shine-free surface to the box. Combine the soft feel of matte with areas of foil and the details and luxury feel with make any box look phenomenal.

Matte Laminate with foil stamping is a very sought-after look and works well with any color of foil and any type of paper.

Spot Gloss Coating & Foil

Foil stamping with spot gloss coating

As the name implies, Spot Gloss Coating allows you to add a Gloss Coating in some areas and leave other areas uncoated, while also having areas with foil stamping.

It’s applied using heat and pressure, so you have complete freedom to use it with design elements specific to your brand or to the look you want to achieve.

Emboss, Deboss & Foil

Foil stamping on embossed boxes

Although all foils leave a slight indent to the paper because they are pressed with a strong machine, with emboss and deboss you achieve a much stronger 3D effect.

Embossing (creating a prortruding pattern) and debossing (creating an indented pattern) can be combined with all the foil types.

Foils, coatings and laminates work on any printed color. We chose to display black & white boxes above because the contrast is very powerful and helps you see better how each coating & foil combinations look like. Get creative and use any color & foil for your custom printed boxes and the result will be the same.

Get your short run foil stamped boxes

We know it’s hard to find custom printed boxes with foil at a reasonable price. Foil stamping is a very delicate process that involves additional handling and processing, increasing the time it takes to complete an order and increasing the costs.

That’s why you won’t find too many box manufacturers that are willing to foil stamp less than 1-2000 boxes, and the prices aren’t budget-friendly either…

At YourBoxSolution we’ve made it our mission to help every business owner get high-quality packaging at fair prices. You can get your foil stamped boxes in around 10 business days.

Here’s what you get:

Great products need great packaging.
Let us help you with custom foil stamped boxes so your products shine as they deserve.