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209 Soap Packaging Ideas

Choosing the right soap packaging design is a complex process, so we’re here to help. To save you time, we’ve put together 9 great categories, with over 200 creative soap packaging ideas for your product. We've had the pleasure to manufacture most of the boxes you'll see on this page for our amazing customers.

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1. Custom Printed Soap Boxes

Custom Printed Soap Boxes

Source: YourBoxSolution for Maui Soap Company

At YourBoxSolution, custom means you can order boxes of any size, shape, or design. You will have your unique box, specifically crafted for your soap. From vintage to minimalist, floral, or cartoon-inspired, we will bring to life any style. Custom printed boxes can make your product stand out big time.

We highly recommend creating a branding guideline for your project so every piece of packaging you’ll design will align with your vision and brand values. Take a look over some unique soap packaging ideas below.


  • Pretty inexpensive
  • Creates and sustains brand recognition
  • Makes your soap stand out from the ones without a box
  • Saves you precious time on manually packing your soap
  • Enables you to enter the retail market
  • Shelf-presentable
  • Provides protection for your soap
  • Control outcome through paper choice (paperboard, kraft, metallic, etc.)


  • Looks depend on the abilities of the designer
  • Design costs are higher than using just a label
Blossom's Barn

Source: YourBoxSolution for Blossom's Barn

Balazs Ketyi

Source: Balazs Ketyi

Morrison Man

Source: YourBoxSolution for Morrison Man

Alra Care Products

Source: YourBoxSolution for Alra Care Products

Pura Botanica

Source: YourBoxSolution for Pura Botanica

LUXE Shower

Source: YourBoxSolution for LUXE Shower

iHeart Nature

Source: YourBoxSolution for iHeart Nature

Blue Sage Soap

Source: YourBoxSolution for Blue Sage Soap

Butler & Soffield

Source: YourBoxSolution for Butler & Soffield

Madame Scodioli

Source: YourBoxSolution for Madame Scodioli

Patricia Coloma

Source: Patricia Coloma

Gulnaz Erol

Source: Gulnaz Erol

Malaya Organics

Source: YourBoxSolution for Malaya Organics

00000 0000

Source: 00000 0000

Solene Robichon

Source: Solene Robichon

DUE quattro

Source: DUE quattro

Fabian Hung

Source: Fabian Hung

Anabel Avila

Source: Anabel Avila

Zach Martin

Source: Zach Martin

Jean Yanga

Source: Jean Yanga

Kavya Singh

Source: Kavya Singh

Zoe Spring

Source: Zoe Spring

Maja Zadlo

Source: Maja Zadlo

Soil Design

Source: Soil Design

Emilie Oijorden

Source: Emilie Oijorden

Mariz Parayno

Source: Mariz Parayno

Nuura & Dreams

Source: Nuura & Dreams

Alyssa Gibson

Source: Alyssa Gibson

SOAP Design

Source: SOAP Design

Dina Kasbary

Source: Dina Kasbary

Kaezryn Mistry

Source: Kaezryn Mistry

Lan Dang

Source: Lan Dang

Projet Noir

Source: Projet Noir

DUE quattro

Source: DUE quattro

Suzana Suvajac

Source: Suzana Suvajac

Sylwia Gizka

Source: Sylwia Gizka

Marinda Martin

Source: Marinda Martin

arithmetic _

Source: arithmetic _

Anna Davtyan

Source: Anna Davtyan

Going fully custom is one of the best soap packaging ideas because it allows you to print a box uniquely made for your brand. Reach out and get your customized quote to get started!

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2. Luxurious Soap Boxes With Foil Stamping

Elegant Or Luxurious Soap Boxes With Foil

Source: YourBoxSolution for Moon River Soap Company

One of the quickest ways to position your brand as high-quality and raise its price point is through a sophisticated soap box. The premium embellishment that never fails to make products look luxurious is foil stamping. This technique consists of a foil applied by heat and pressure to the desired areas with a metal die.

The foil comes in various colors and can be combined with embossing or debossing to create a more striking 3D box that will delight the eyes of your customers. Have a look at some pretty soap packaging ideas with foil stamping:


  • It’s visually appealling and stands out
  • The foil gives a luxury feeling to the soap box
  • Creates trust and makes the product look more professional & expensive
  • Foil is available in various colors (silver, gold, etc.)
  • Can be combined with various coatings and treatments


  • A bit more expensive
  • Requires a custom stamp fee
  • Very small details are harder to replicate
  • Less flexible than metallic paper
Handmade Mojo Spa Cosmetics

Source: YourBoxSolution for Handmade Mojo Spa Cosmetics

Immortelle Beauty

Source: YourBoxSolution for Immortelle Beauty

Luxe Apothecary

Source: YourBoxSolution for Luxe Apothecary

Kayla Landry

Source: Kayla Landry

Helio Qendro

Source: Helio Qendro

Mac Arillo

Source: Mac Arillo

Mullein & Sparrow

Source: YourBoxSolution for Mullein & Sparrow

Beetle & Bones Apothecary

Source: YourBoxSolution for Beetle & Bones Apothecary

Nesting Zone Apothecary

Source: YourBoxSolution for Nesting Zone Apothecary

Hotel Del Coronado

Source: YourBoxSolution for Hotel Del Coronado

Maja Zadlo

Source: Maja Zadlo

Mo Kalache

Source: Mo Kalache

If you’ve always wanted a fancy and luxurious feel for your soap boxes, get in touch with us for a customized quote.

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3. A Cost-Effective Alternative - Blank Boxes With Labels

Elegant Or Luxurious Soap Boxes With Foil

Source: YourBoxSolution for The Mod Cabin

We know you’ve invested so much in your business already, and you’re just one step away from presenting your soap to the world. If you don’t have a box design yet or your budget is tight for the moment, we’ve got your back. Our blank boxes (white, black, or kraft) are cheaper than custom printed boxes and you’ll be all set in no time by adding some catchy labels. Blank boxes are one of the cheapest soap packaging ideas.

You can also apply your label to a simple paper wrapper or to a foiled soap bar. The labels are waterproof and can be printed in any shape you can think of. Another advantage is that we can produce them faster than a custom printed box, so you can start making a profit as soon as possible.


  • Blank boxes are cheaper than custom printed ones
  • A nice label can make a simple box look amazing
  • Label colors can look more vibrant
  • All labels are waterproof
  • Labels can have any shape imagined
  • Faster production times than printed boxes


  • A bad looking label can make the product look cheaper
  • A simpler box may make your product look less professional
  • Labels don’t offer protection like a box
Detroit Grooming Co

Source: YourBoxSolution for Detroit Grooming Co

Damn Handsome Grooming Co.

Source: YourBoxSolution for Damn Handsome Grooming Co.

H is for Love

Source: YourBoxSolution for H is for Love

Leonardo Skincare

Source: YourBoxSolution for Leonardo Skincare

Barra Saboaria

Source: Barra Saboaria


Source: thegourmetrose


Source: thegourmetrose


Source: GrowandMake


Source: toadstoolsoaps

Start selling your soap as soon as possible with an affordable blank box and a custom label.

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4. Environmentally Friendly Soap Boxes With Kraft Paper

Elegant Or Luxurious Soap Boxes With Foil

Source: YourBoxSolution for Chivas Goat Milk Skin Care

Kraft paper is another trend that the world cannot get enough of, and we couldn’t agree more. Its raw look & feel and the fact that it’s made out of 100% recycled material make it the best eco-friendly packaging. Many of our customers place kraft paper on top of the list of homemade soap packaging ideas.

And in case you were thinking that not much can be done with a brown box, have no doubt that brown paperboard is very versatile. Any color (including white) can be printed on kraft paper, and the absorbent texture will create a unified & natural look that works wonderfully with an organic line of products or a vintage design. There are no limits for soap packaging designs on kraft paperboard.


  • 100% recycled material
  • Perfect for a natural, authentic, textured look
  • Any color can be printed on kraft paper
  • Very durable and thick paperboard (18pt)
  • Scratches and fingerprints are not easily visible
  • Can hold any cutouts or foils


  • Colors on kraft paper are not as vibrant as on white paper
  • A layer of white ink is needed to make colors more vibrant
  • Cannot be coated
Mountain Girl Soaps

Source: YourBoxSolution for Mountain Girl Soaps

Hunter's Hygene

Source: YourBoxSolution for Hunter's Hygene

Beaman's Fork

Source: YourBoxSolution for Beaman's Fork

Hawk Soap Co.

Source: YourBoxSolution for Hawk Soap Co.

Loyal Canine Co.

Source: YourBoxSolution for Loyal Canine Co.

Wai'iti Botanicals

Source: YourBoxSolution for Wai'iti Botanicals

Owen & Fred

Source: YourBoxSolution for Owen & Fred

Owen & Fred

Source: YourBoxSolution for Owen & Fred

Blackwoods Brewing Company

Source: YourBoxSolution for Blackwoods Brewing Company

Wandering Thistle

Source: YourBoxSolution for Wandering Thistle

Smoky Mountain Beards

Source: YourBoxSolution for Smoky Mountain Beards

Roots Apothecary

Source: YourBoxSolution for Roots Apothecary

Karolina Krol

Source: Karolina Krol

Allison Jones

Source: Allison Jones

Claudiu Stefan

Source: Claudiu Stefan

Emmy Beaven

Source: Emmy Beaven

Leonardo Patat

Source: Leonardo Patat

serkan ugurlar

Source: serkan ugurlar

Zaya Ahmed

Source: Zaya Ahmed

Nura Aliosman

Source: Nura Aliosman

If an environmentally-friendly option is the one you’ve been on the search for, you’ll fall in love with your kraft paper boxes. Get in touch for a customized quote.

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5. Put Your Soap On Display With Half Or Holster Boxes

Elegant Or Luxurious Soap Boxes With Foil

Source: YourBoxSolution for Lucky 3 Farm

Holster soap boxes make it so much easier to showcase your soap colors and scents. A half or holster box holds the bottom of the soap bar, while the rest is fully on display. They allow your customers to hold the product without causing any damage, and feel its scent right away. Simply one of the most creative soap packaging ideas!

A holster box also allows water to evaporate naturally, so you can still have the soap on display while it gets completely cured. Multiple shapes and sizes are available in our box library.


  • Lets your customers see and smell the product
  • Allows the soap to cure while sitting on the shelf
  • Offers protection to the soap while looking good on display
  • Half doesn’t mean less, half means you get to highlight your product
  • No limitations on printing, coating or extras


  • Only protects and holds the bottom of the soap
  • After the soap cures, the boxes can remain small if not well-measured
Avital's Apiaries

Source: YourBoxSolution for Avital's Apiaries

Shea Touch

Source: YourBoxSolution for Shea Touch

Etta + Billie

Source: YourBoxSolution for Etta + Billie

Irida Guri

Source: Irida Guri

Laura Frank

Source: Laura Frank

Beetle & Bones Apothecary

Source: YourBoxSolution for Beetle & Bones Apothecary

Reveal the beauty of your soap bar and let your customers enjoy it before purchasing with a holster box. Get in touch for a customized quote.

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6. Coatings & Finishes On Soap Boxes

Elegant Or Luxurious Soap Boxes With Foil

Source: YourBoxSolution for Fivesso

Coatings and finishes can drastically change the way your boxes look and feel. All the options we offer look amazing, and some of them can even be combined to create a truly unique box.

Depending on the look you’re after, you can go with Matte Laminate Coating, High Gloss Coating, Spot UV Coating, Scuff Proof Laminate, or Soft-Touch Laminate. Besides boosting the visuals of your box, coatings and finishes also add an extra layer of protection to the paper. See various examples in the soap packaging ideas listed below:


  • Improve the looks of the product
  • Enhances the visual and sensory experience of your customers
  • Ads a layer of protection to the box
  • Multiple finishes can be combined on the same box


  • None
Supernatural, design by Allan Gomes

Source: YourBoxSolution for Supernatural, design by Allan Gomes

Dryland Wilds

Source: YourBoxSolution for Dryland Wilds

Simply Bee

Source: YourBoxSolution for Simply Bee

Drifter Grooming

Source: YourBoxSolution for Drifter Grooming

Moksa Organics

Source: YourBoxSolution for Moksa Organics


Source: YourBoxSolution for Fivesso

Places Soap

Source: YourBoxSolution for Places Soap

Beard & Lady

Source: YourBoxSolution for Beard & Lady

Find out more about all the coating and finishes available on our coating and finishes page. When you’ve come across the one you love, get in touch for a customized quote.

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7. Custom Shaped Boxes

Elegant Or Luxurious Soap Boxes With Foil

Source: YourBoxSolution for French Laundry Fine Concentrate

One way to truly set your brand apart from your competitors is by creating a soap box in a custom shape. This is the option where you can let your creativity roam. If you’re wondering how to package round soap or custom-shaped bars, find inspiration in our gallery of custom-shaped soap packaging ideas from below.

Even if you have a cylindrical soap, a pyramid, flower, or star-shaped soap bar, you can design a custom box to highlight that unique shape. Or perhaps you’ve imagined a specific way in which your box opens and closes. With a custom die, we can print and cut any shape you can imagine.


  • Helps your soap box stand out from the standard packaging
  • You have the freedom to pour the soap in any creative shape


  • Higher price per piece
  • Custom die costs
  • Implies custom designing
  • May create issues with depositing & shelf space
  • Machine glue may not be avaialable and you'll have to glue the box manually
Meliora Cleaning Products

Source: YourBoxSolution for Meliora Cleaning Products

Britta Carson

Source: Britta Carson

Rachel Montoya

Source: Rachel Montoya

Elissa Ebersold

Source: Elissa Ebersold

Jamie Man

Source: Jamie Man

Alyssa Vallin

Source: Alyssa Vallin

Carlo Sciarra

Source: Carlo Sciarra

We’d love to hear about the unique-shaped box you have in mind. Reach out and get your customized quote to get started.

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8. Getting Fancy With Soap Box Cutouts

Elegant Or Luxurious Soap Boxes With Foil

Source: YourBoxSolution for Sweet Olive Soapworks

Most of the time the customers will buy according to how nice the package looks, but for many of them, it’s also important how the soap itself looks and smells. A custom cutout on a soap box offers that sensory experience to your customers, while also protecting the soap as a full box.

Cutouts can make your soap packaging design stand out by adding the color and texture of the soap to the game. The beauty of applying a cutout to a soap box is the ability to match the shape of the cutouts with elements of your brand, such as the contour of your logo or a certain design shape that highlights your soap. The cutouts can be in any size as long as the box still remains stable, and they can be applied to any panel of the box.


  • Incredible creativity freedom (cutouts can be made in any shape and size)
  • Allows your customers to see the soap before purchasing
  • Encourages customers to smell your product
  • Can be applied to any paper: white, kraft or metallic
  • No extra fees for custom cutouts on custom dies


  • If too large, the cutout can affect the integrity of the box

Source: YourBoxSolution for Zandra

Detroit Grooming Co

Source: YourBoxSolution for Detroit Grooming Co

Sweet Olive Soapworks

Source: YourBoxSolution for Sweet Olive Soapworks

Hawk Soap Co.

Source: YourBoxSolution for Hawk Soap Co.

Avital's Apiaries

Source: YourBoxSolution for Avital's Apiaries

Gilded Olive Apothecary

Source: YourBoxSolution for Gilded Olive Apothecary


Source: YourBoxSolution for Runak

Wandering Thistle

Source: YourBoxSolution for Wandering Thistle

iHeart Nature

Source: YourBoxSolution for iHeart Nature

Taylor Street

Source: YourBoxSolution for Taylor Street


Source: YourBoxSolution for Trovina

Ravish Soap co

Source: YourBoxSolution for Ravish Soap co


Source: YourBoxSolution for Amani


Source: YourBoxSolution for Redbudsuds

Sweet Olive Soapworks

Source: YourBoxSolution for Sweet Olive Soapworks


Source: YourBoxSolution for Pamperdoodle

Sophie Hudon

Source: Sophie Hudon

Nicole Peeters

Source: Nicole Peeters

Konrad Losiak

Source: Konrad Losiak

Yu-Jhen Lai

Source: Yu-Jhen Lai

K9 Design

Source: K9 Design

Lynn Sohn

Source: Lynn Sohn

Shivangi Sah

Source: Shivangi Sah


Source: WeikUp

Burcu Celiksap

Source: Burcu Celiksap

till noon

Source: till noon

Bianca Valenti

Source: Bianca Valenti

Rose Gaynor

Source: Rose Gaynor

If you’ve already decided on the best cutout that will complete your soap, get in touch for a customized quote.

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9. The Ace Is Up Your (Soap) Sleeves

Elegant Or Luxurious Soap Boxes With Foil

Source: Kelsey Hall

Last but not least, sleeves are one of the most budget-friendly soap packaging ideas. Although the space on a sleeve is smaller than on a full box, they can still be very informative, with enough room for your custom graphics, logo, ingredients, and most important copy.

They work perfectly for any kind of soap and design, can be printed on any paper (white, kraft, metallic), and you can add coatings and finishes.


  • Minimal investment that helps you brand your soap
  • Environmentally friendly (less paper is used)
  • The soap bar is still protected
  • Sleeves can also be coated
  • Custom shapes and cutouts are available


  • Does not protect the soap as well as a full box
  • Soap bar can fall out if soap shrinks too much when fully cured
Sinyi Pan

Source: Sinyi Pan

Jillian Adriana

Source: Jillian Adriana

Zaya Ahmed

Source: Zaya Ahmed

Chloe Bram

Source: Chloe Bram

Jessica Y. Wen

Source: Jessica Y. Wen

Fancy Ferret

Source: Fancy Ferret

Jon Fitzsimmons

Source: Jon Fitzsimmons

Ismael Lopez

Source: Ismael Lopez

Elise Martinson

Source: Elise Martinson

Brieann Kelley

Source: Brieann Kelley

Christy Diaz

Source: Christy Diaz

Nhu Nguyen M.

Source: Nhu Nguyen M.

Lesley Anderson

Source: Lesley Anderson

Rachael Wade

Source: Rachael Wade

Ana Gallardo

Source: Ana Gallardo



Jimmy Fares

Source: Jimmy Fares

Jelena Goreta

Source: Jelena Goreta

Jasmine Ting

Source: Jasmine Ting

If you’re planning on going simple and you need to stick to a budget, get in touch for a customized quote for your soap sleeves.

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Advice When Choosing Creative Soap Packaging Ideas

We hope you've enjoyed our soap packaging ideas and you’ve found inspiration to start your project. Here are some key aspects to help you prepare the process:

  • Measure your soap correctly
  • Consider how your soap will be stored and displayed
  • Align the soap packaging design to the personality of your brand
  • Set your budget and your needs in terms of timeframe

Whenever you're ready to give your soap the packaging it deserves without spending a fortune and waiting for months, get in touch with our team! We support local manufacturers by offering fair prices and minimum orders. You can be sure we will go the extra mile to provide a flawless experience and deliver perfectly executed boxes.

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