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The best solutions for bar soap packaging

Four packages of soap in different colors and aromas.

Soap is one of the most common and regular purchases in a household. There’s something special about picking this small self-care product – choosing the scent, the properties, the color. 

However, one of the first elements that customers check is the packaging. In this blog post, we will look at the best solutions for bar soap packaging so that you’ll have more chances to convince customers to buy your product. 

Let’s dive in! 

1. Boxes – one of the most popular options for bar soap packaging

Most soaps are sold in boxes, and there are many advantages to this type of packaging. Soap packaging boxes offer great protection to the product and plenty of space to include information. Then, they are very easy to customize, which makes them perfect for branding.

Last but not least, they can be 100% ecological. There’s no surprise to include them at the top of the list for best bar soap packaging.

There are two main types of boxes, so let’s check each of their assets!

1.1 Closed boxes – the most popular way to pack your soap

Closed boxes are the most used type of bar soap packaging for commercial purposes.

The soap boxes can be made out of kraft paper or regular white cardboard, and you can choose from a variety of closing systems. The most popular options are:

The pros and cons of choosing closed boxes for bar soap packaging

1.2 Custom bar soap packaging – boxes with display windows or cut-outs

These other types of boxes put the product on display by using cut-outs or PVC windows. If you have a colorful soap, or you want people to be able to see its texture, these boxes work just great.

Cut-out boxes leave some areas fully on display and in contact with air, which means the customers will also be able to smell the scent of the soap.

On the other side, boxes with PVC windows put the product on display while still having a shield against the exterior.


The cut-out or the window can have a round, oval, rectangular, or custom shape. This can play an important part in the overall design and the presence on the shelf.

The pros and cons of choosing display boxes for bar soap packaging

2. Wrap-around bands – a minimalist type of bar soap packaging

Wrap-around bands are also called belly bands or cigar bands. These kraft paper bands are used to bring some space for branding.

Packaging sleeves allow you to place a logo and some information on the band, as well as to properly label the product.

The pros and cons of choosing wrap-around bands for bar soap packaging

3. Paper or colored/transparent pouches – simple bar soap packaging

If you want to keep things simple, you could also pack your soap in paper or pouches. You only wrap the soap in paper or place it inside the pouch.

The packaging can have various colors, patterns, or textures. Since you won’t have much space, you will compromise on the labeling side. However, there are still options. An expandable soap label will allow you to include all the required information.

The pros and cons of choosing paper or pouches for bar soap packaging

The best bar soap packaging option for your brand

There is no universal option for packing your soap. You will need to think about the properties of your product, the values of your brand and how you want to present it to people, and about the storage options.

It’s essential to make sure that the customers will see the product in a perfect state on the shelf. Then, it’s also crucial to have an attention-grabbing design.

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