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Spot Gloss Boxes: Adding Texture And Style To Your Packaging – Gallery

Spot gloss boxes

When you think about having a box for your product, the first thing that comes to your mind is regular printing. You think of a design, choose the paper, and you have the freedom to print any color on your boxes.

And that’s already fantastic. Being able to bring to reality a box that you’ve imagined is one of the perks of the printing technology we have now. 

But you can take your packaging a step further with different extras. Besides regular color printing, there are several creative touches you can give to your boxes.

Today we’re going to talk about Spot Gloss Coating. Spot Gloss is one of the techniques that add instant finesse to any box. Looking spectacular on any color, spot gloss boxes are ideal if you want a luxurious presence.

Let’s learn more about Spot Gloss.

1. What Is Spot Gloss

Spot Gloss coating is a post-print technique that adds a layer of gloss coating to a specific area of your box. That area will pop off the paperboard with a glossy finish.

It creates a strong contrast with the rest of the paperboard, where the coating is not applied.

Spot Gloss coating is usually the last process and it’s applied after the box was printed. Instead of using ink, the printer applies the coating.
Ultraviolet (UV) light cures the coating. For this reason, Spot Gloss coating is also called Spot UV Coating.

Tip #1

Most often, Spot Gloss boxes have the logo or some definitory element highlighted. But there are no rules. Get as creative as you like. Add dimension and texture to your box with graphics that surround the whole box in a glossy touch.

Minimalist Spot Gloss Approach
The letter D is added with Spot Gloss for a minimalist look.

Minimalist spot gloss boxes

Detailed Spot Gloss Approach
An intricate pattern decorated with Spot Gloss coating

Detailed spot gloss boxes
You’ll see and feel the difference spot gloss coating adds to your packaging. Potential clients will be impressed with the quality and class of your spot gloss boxes.
When your packaging rises up to the challenge, you’ll be getting more and more customers. Why? Because your branding speaks for the quality of the product.

2. Features & Benefits of Spot Gloss Boxes

Striking look & textured feeling

The number one thing we love about Spot Gloss boxes is they look so dramatic. The areas where Spot Gloss is applied look like miniature sculptures. The effect is very luxurious no matter the color of your box. 

When touched, spot gloss boxes have a tactile texture that encourages customers to interact with the product.

Tip #2

Spot Gloss boxes look best when printed on a matte coated paper. The glossy areas will be highly reflective, and will stand out strong against the matte surface. 

Less scratches and fingerprints

The Spot Gloss coating makes your box stronger and protects it against fingerprints and moisture.

Plus, it also adds protection against scuffing and scratches, because the colors are “sealed in” by the coating.

Sturdy spot gloss boxes

Add foil stamping, emboss and deboss

Spot Gloss doesn’t interfere with other add-ons like foil stamping, embossing, debossing or cuouts. You can combine them in various ways to add more dimension to your box. The perfume box on the right is a matte box with spot gloss coating and silver foil stamping.

Spot gloss boxes with foil stamping

Spot Gloss boxes are nature-friendly

UV coatings don’t have solvents or other volatile compounds, so the paper can be recycled just like any other paper. The inks we use at YourBoxSolution are also Organic Certified Inks. Read more about our sustainability efforts.

Beige box of milk chocolate from TKO BAR displaying benefits.

3. Preparing Your Artwork For Spot Gloss

If you’re settled to get spot gloss boxes, you’ll be happy to hear there’s nothing complicated when it comes to designing them. 

Compared to a regular box, there’s only one extra step you need to do, and it’s a very simple one.

Here’s how the process works:

Step 1. Choose Your Box
Start by picking a blank design template from our free dies library. If you need a custom box, we can create one with your exact specifications for a one-time fee.

Step 2. Design Your Box Open the template in Adobe Illustrator and design your box using the template.
Step 3. Send Us The Completed Design Send us the completed art in either EPS or PDF form via email or .


As the Spot Gloss is a different step altogether, the coating is applied separately. For this reason, it’s important that you send us the Spot Gloss areas on a separate EPS or PDF file. The areas must be set to 100% black and no other graphics should be visible.
Step 4. Place Your Order
When your art is ready, reach out to the box expert that helped with the quote and place your order with them. They will enter your order in the system based on your specific requirements.
Step 5. Proofing Your Order & Payment
Once your order enters our system, you can log in to the administration panel to oversee the process. The proofing process is included for free and all payments go through our secured payment processor,
Step 6. Production and Shipping
After you’ve approved your proof(s) and payment is made, you’re automatically notified via email when your order enters the production queue.

Spot Gloss In Detail - Gallery

Click on any image to expand it and see how Spot Gloss boxes look like in detail.

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Ready To Impress?

There are many ways you can add elegance and a luxury touch to your boxes. Besides Spot Gloss boxes, you can go with foil stamping, embossing, debossing, metallic print, and more.

With YourBoxSolution impactful packaging doesn’t cost you a fortune. That’s the difference between us industrial-scale manufacturers. We’re dedicated to offering affordable packaging solutions and supporting local businesses.

If you’re ready to get your Spot Gloss boxes, get in touch for a quote today. We’ll help you upgrade your packaging.